JetSpot is a quality driven company, and in no way quantity centric! We would rather have 50 good customers, than 5000 headaches to carry! Apart from the quality, its process-driven too. Each process is curated to perfection just to make each and everything transparent and clear to everyone. Each process is breeze starting from Online Booking, Installation, Support and disconnection. So to keep the whole process clean and better for us, we follow some rules and we constantly monitor each of our customer. And there might be a situation, when we may deny a new customer to give him a connection or may even disconnect any existing customer with a warning notice. Here are the reasons to know and understand, so you dont make those mistakes.


  1. IP Spamming :  If JetSpot assigns a Customer an Internet Protocol (“IP”) address for Customer’s use, the right to use that IP address shall belong only to JetSpot, and Customer shall have no right to use that IP address except as permitted by Company in its sole and absolute discretion in connection with the Services, during the term of this Agreement. If we find someone misusing the IP address or constantly involved in spamming activities, we may disconnect your service.
  2. Delay in Payments : JetSpot doesn’t compromise with the service and support uptime, and would not want to see their customers delaying their payments in return. Unexpected delays in payment can have a catastrophic affect on your account. Its for that reason, we have automated reminders set as SMS and emails to clear your payments before the due date. Any account with 3 detected late payments, may lose their JetSpot account.
  3. Misbehavior with JetSpot Staff : You are not allowed to talk rude or use any kind of bad words during the toll free calls or face-to-face meetings or support time or emails. Anyone found doing so, may lose their JetSpot account.
  4. Misuse of JetSpot Service : You are not allowed to misuse JetSpot service. When we say misuse, it includes spamming, fake accounts in social media, email spamming, hacking, fake advertisements, cyber bullying, piracy, identity theft, or money laundering activities over the internet.
  5. Tampering with JetSpot Equipments : Do not tamper with any of the JetSpot devices, which includes the POE, or cables or connectors or the device. Anyone found doing so has to bear the whole cost and we may disconnect your service.
  6. Vague Complaints : We do not accept complaints like, “why my ping is high”, “why my torrents are slow”, “why I’m not able to watch porn”, “why I’m not able to get wireless signals to my bathroom”. Customers found calling us with such complaints might have to lose their account. Any lame complaints over toll free or emails or helpdesk will be treated seriously too.
  7. Asking for 3rd party Support : JetSpot is not responsible for your Wireless Router, CCTV, PC, Laptop, or iPhone or iPad problems. You need to contact your electrician or whoever from the market for those issues. Customers found calling us with such complaints might have to lose their account.
  8. Fake Documents : We do not connect any customer without proper documents. But later during the documents verification, if its proved as a fake document, you might have to lose your account.
  9. Multiple Bounched Checks : Any customer whose check gets bounced more than 2 times will have lose his account or start paying in cash.
  10. Wasting our Time : We receive all the bookings online for the new installations. If a new installation is booked online and JetSpot staff has gone and then the customer has done the testing and then asked to come later, then you are strictly blacklisted immediately. We do not allow you to waste our time. So, you have two choices to make – Pay double the installation charge or look for other ISP, as we are sorry, we won’t be able to serve confused customers.




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