Our Corporate Wi-Fi Offerings

With the increased demand for mobility and the rapid adoption of smart devices, wireless networks are quickly becoming a critical component of network infrastructures across virtually every company making business Wi-Fi solutions critical. Jetspot prides itself on building bespoke solutions for your company, as such we believe it is not always necessary to replace existing hardware. Where possible, we re-use existing hardware always striving to provide a solid reliable Wi-Fi network within budget. Our team of Wi-Fi specialists have extensive experience with Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Ruckus and Cisco Meraki Access Points and will build a system to your current and future requirements. As you may well know, more and more companies are gravitating towards having a completely ‘computer-orientated’ environment. After all, in most cases, computers will ensure that your staff reaches the peak of their productivity. Of course, if you have a computer system in place, you need to find a way in which they can access the internet, and our corporate Wi-Fi services are ideal for that. JetSpot are one of the leading installers of corporate Wi-Fi in the country. We have worked with countless numbers of businesses when it comes to the installation of a high-quality network connection on their premises. In most cases, we will be able to get you up and running with a connection in less than a day. SECURITY Your corporate Wi-Fi solution will have a password in front of it and, of course, other security aspects to ensure that the only people able to connect to your businesses’ internet connection are those who give you permission to do so. Features like multiple SSID, guest WiFi, tailored 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz environments to avoid interference are some basic important features you get when you use JetSpot as your business partner. More secure, more faster, more reliable, more everything.  SPEED This is absolutely vital when it comes to corporate Wi-Fi. You absolutely need to make sure that with countless numbers of staff members connecting that there is enough bandwidth to go around. We ensure that your connection remains fast. This means that every one of your employees will be able to stay at the absolute top of their game when it comes to productivity. We highly suggest opting for the highest possible speed internet plans while choosing the connection for your office or workplace. RELIABILITY When your business relies on your internet connection, you know that it needs to be absolutely superb. We only use the best quality hardware when it comes to business Wi-Fi solutions. We use the hardware which has been tested time and time again in a corporate working environment. This is because we need to know that it is able to stand up to daily usage. If you ever run into difficulties, and it is unlikely you will, the JetSpot team will always be on hand to help. SUPPORTBusinesses run on proper uptime of their internet services and uptime can only be guaranteed when you have the right service provider helping you during the time of your downtime. We take special care for such situations and provide redundant path for our business customers as and when possible and we have the record of maintaining absolutely 100% uptime for all of our customers since 2015. You need to try the services to know how it works. get jetspotted.
Ready for the action ? If you wish to find out more about the corporate Wi-Fi services that we offer here at JetSpot, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. They will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and, of course, they will be more than happy to set you up with an appointment where we can install corporate Wi-Fi on your business premises.