The most common Jetspot Fiber plans are Smart, Premium and Ultra.
All of those plans regular speeds are upto 100Mbps only.

But for March 15 2021 till April 15 2021, we have a promotional free speed upgrade for all the existing and new customers.
So, Smart gets speed upto 150Mbps, Premium upto 200Mbps, Ultra upto 250Mbps.

If you are an existing customer with 5.8Ghz Gigabit LAN Jetspot device, you should be able to achieve and test those speeds easily.
But if you are on a 100Mbps LAN JetSpot Device or 2.4Ghz 100M JetSpot device, you can only test upto 100Mbps. If you are looking for the high speed experience, you will need to swap your device from JetSpot for 2950 INR.

And those high doubled speeds will stay till April 2021 only. If you are looking to lock yourself up with the doubled speeds for long term, you will need to recharge for 6M or 12M plan, so you get extra months free and get the high speed locked for the long term too.

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