Speed test should only be done at www.speedtest.net with jetspot server selected on the map. We only test the connectivity speeds till our own node.
And this speedtest should be done over the wired LAN only. We donot test or look at WiFi speeds, as thats outside our support scope.

In order to order to test the new gigafiber plans, you need to have few things in place :
1. A good high performance computer minimum i5 or i7 processor with gigabit LAN adapter. If Apple Macbook, you need to have your own LAN adapter before you do the test.
2. Wired LAN only
3. If wireless, a good enterprise router, not the cheap home routers
4. Speeds over WiFi are outside support scope, as WiFi depends on various factors of your home environment and local interference.

NOTE – Broadband is a shared network, thus its cheap. So, you are requested not to contact the support team asking for speed fluctuations, unless your connection is slow for more than 48-72 hours. Speeds on broadband will of course and always vary.

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