Jetspot works on amazingly clear terms of service, with no false commitments and fake promises. Anyone trying to mess with it, will have to pay the price for it. If you are a broadband customer, then there is absolutely no agreements or no promises. If you are a leased line customer, then you get on a SLA agreement with Jetspot and its really useful.

But for broadband, there is absolutely no promises or commitments, whatsoever. And its clearly mentioned on the CAF (Customer Application Form). That is the reason, broadband is cheap and leased dedicated circuits are expensive, as it comes with commitments.

Now coming to the point of getting across a fraudulent customer. Here are some cases and how JetSpot handles it :

  1. Customer without an active subscription for more than 60 days (2 months) : Lets say, you are an existing Jetspot customer, and you dont have an active subscription for more than 2 months, then your account automatically becomes red, which means our team will go ahead with the disconnection and since the minimum active subscription period is 6 months to be eligible for the refund, you wont be eligible for the security deposit refund as well. If you renew your account within 60 days of inactivity, you are safe. But if it exceeds 60 days, then you have to face disconnection and reinstallation and that again costs the same as new installation.
  2. Customer applied for disconnection of his plan, but not willing to return back the device : If your Jetspot account has more than 6 active subscriptions then your account is eligible for the refund of the security deposit. But if your account is not eligible for the refund, then simply your disconnection is done and our device is brought back from the customer’s premises along with the adapter and cables. Now, there might be a case, when a customer tries to act smart and starts giving all vague reasons, and doesnt let Jetspot team to bring back the device, then his account is not disconnected. Its considered as active and his invoices will keep on generating. For example, in January, you have applied for disconnection but did not let the team to take back the device, then your invoice gets generated for January and February and so on. On the 3rd month, a formal notice would be sent from Jetspot to clear your dues or within next 15 days, a court legal notice would be sent to the customer’s address and a case would be filled in his name of the customer for the payment recovery. Once this step is reached, all of your smartness goes in vain, as you have to run to the court everyday for it and Jetspot Legal Team will make sure, you pay the price for wasting Jetspot team’s time. And now, instead of 0, you end up paying 3 months of bill amount without even using the internet, and also will lose your time and money in running to the court. In short, if your “proper disconnection” is not done, with a valid disconnection form sign and device recovery, then your account is active and you are bound to pay the bills for it. If you havent, then you are being dragged to the court. As simple as that!


So, you still have a chance to keep it nice and clean instead of getting into all this fuss.

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