NOTE – THIS PAGE IS OLD BLOG OF 2015. KINDLY CHECK PRICING Page of wireless and fiber. This page data is invalid now.

So, now you have gone through the packages and decided to book a connection, but have various questions running through your head. So, here are the mostly asked questions and the real answers to it,

  1. What would be the installation charges ?

    Kindly check the pricing page of wireless and fiber page to get an idea.

  2. How much refund would I get if ever I close the connection ?

    You may check the FAQ page on wireless and fiber.

  3. Is there any extra charges ?

    There is absolutely no extra hidden charge, except the service tax. So, lets say you have a STUDENT LITE plan of 1399 INR, then your monthly bill is 1399 + 14.5% Service Tax = 1595 INR only. But if you renew your plan in the middle of a month or recharge an addon, then there will be a updated bill as per the actuals. And yes, if your house is a bit low or the LOS (line of sight) to our tower is not clear, we will need a 20feet GI pipe and other accessories to fit the device to your roof top. THAT WILL BE ADDED EXPENDITURE AND THE CUSTOMER HAS TO HANDLE IT. You may either arrange it for us or if you need our team to handle it for you, it costs 2000 INR. So, its better if you arrange it yourself and save like 1000 INR easily.

  4. Will they charge for the connecting cables or wires ?

    The installation comes with FREE 30 meters of the CAT 5 cable from your roof top to your router or computer. If more is required, then its charged extra at 15 INR per extra meter.

  5. What all documents do they need for the connection ?

    You need to fill the Customer Application Form (CAF) first of all. The provide us any 3 of your documents, 3 copies. For example, PAN Card, Driving License, Passport and Electricity Bill as address proof with 3 passport sized photos.

  6. How do I choose a proper plan ?

    To ease the confusion, we have plans for every kind of user. All you need to do is goto the Plans Page, choose a package depending on your budget and if you are still confused, feel free to call our sales executive at our Toll Free.

  7. Will they provide us a router ?

    No, of course not. You will need to use your existing wireless router only. If you dont have it, and you want to make your room wi-fi enabled, then you may go ahead and get yourself a Netgear Wi-fi router for just 1500 bucks.

  8. Is my existing modem router going to work with this new connection ?

    No! We only need a wireless router to turn your premises into a wi-fi hotspot. So, your existing modem cum router is quite useless. You will need to buy a wireless router only.

  9. Will they setup our in-house wireless ?

    We are not responsible for your wi-fi issues at your home or premises. We will simply configure your wireless router and thats all. If you need wi-fi performance consulting, then get in touch with our boss,

  10. Can I get an immediate active internet connection ?

    Yes, as long as your area is covered within our network and all of your documents are perfectly ready.

  11. Is my area covered in their network ?

    Almost all the areas in Bhubaneswar are covered in our network already, but still please check the COVERAGE map page to confirm whether you are covered or not. If not, go ahead and fill the form at COVERAGE MAP page.

  12. Do you accept check payment ?

    Yes, we accept check payments. But we suggest to pay the installation 2500INR and if any extra cable costs, in cash only. If Installation or extra cable amount is paid by check, the service tax of 14% will be charged extra on that amount. So we recommend paying that in cash.

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