We have just rolled out our all new Support Helpdesk called JetHelp. You may access it here, www.jethelp.in

The current support system is a bit complicated one, which the users were not able to use it, so we have came up with JetHelp to make the process more easier and streamlined for everyone.

All you need to do is register your account and make sure the account email and customer ID is exactly the same as in your JetSpot account. Once registered, you can use www.jethelp.in for submitting any kind of questions, queries, issues, complaints directly as a support ticket and our team will work on it. You would be able to submit new tickets, view past tickets, view our replies to your tickets, reply to the tickets, close tickets, etc.

Whenever you submit a ticket, we receive the notification and when we reply, you would be receiving the email notification as well. You may directly reply to the email or even login to jethelp.in and reply by going to the ticket. Either way, your reply is always going to land your ticket thread only. Thats the best part of this helpdesk! Its called email piping feature :)

You may simply send an email to help@jetspot.in and the ticket will be automatically added to helpdesk as well, but make sure you add the customer ID in the email, or the ticket goes in vain.

All support requests and their responses are automatically stored and saved to a customer self-help portal. Users can utilize their email and ticket ID to access their tickets.

JetHelp is completely mobile responsive, so you should be able to access it anywhere anytime and submit tickets, which directly land to our support desk.

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