JetSpot has come up with its new product called You may access it here,

JetMedia is a Free File Sharing Service which is open to JetSpot Users and to the rest of the world as well. Its absolutely free and you may use it for sharing any kind of file with your near and dear in a more secure and protected manner.


There are many ways to share files like using Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, WeTransfer but then there is JetMedia. JetMedia basically concentrates on secure file transfer or protected file transfers.

For example, I have an important confidential zip file of size 750MB, which I need to send to my friend Valentino in Rome, but I dont want it be open for the rest of the world or somewhere public.

With JetMedia, I can password protect the file and instruct JetMedia to delete the file immediately after Valentino downloads it.

And the best part is, when Im within JetSpot, then I can upload even a 1GB file at full speed of my Jetspot plan, if I upload to JetMedia, since JetMedia is a part of JetSpot’s data center server network.

If I had a upload the same 1GB file to Dropbox or Google Drive, it would have taken me ages.

Same goes for the download process too. If I want to share a 1GB file with another JetSpot customer, then he can download the file almost immediately.


All you need to do is goto and register an account. Login and drop your files. Enter description of the file and if you would like to password protect it, simply enter the password and then click next. On the next page, enter the email addresses where you would like to share the file and proceed. The recipient receives the email with the download link and the password to access it, then he would be able to download it immediately.

You may also share the download link on Facebook or Twitter with the short link, which gets auto generated, when you upload a file.

JetMedia auto deletes all free hosted files in every 7 days. But if you would like to keep your files for a longer time, JetMedia may allow you to do that with a minimal charge. Contact us at if you are looking to go premium.

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