Hate getting disconnected in the middle of the night, since JetSpot has your account set to OFF for auto renewals ?
Many customers recharge their account before their expiry, so they don’t have to worry about auto renewals, since they are timely already. Its for them, who normally pay by check after their expiry, or ask for payment pickup or dont transact online.

Now, you have an option to sign a declaration, and activate your auto renewal, so you can avoid getting disconnected in the midnight. There are situations, when you forget your debit card in the office, or want someone to collect cash next day, in that case, right now, your account gets disconnected and you are without the internet until your JS account gets credited. Also many customers wait for the last moment of their expiry and once the account gets expired in the midnight, they dont have the internet access anymore to make the payment online. Signing the declaration below, your account will get auto renewed on your expiry date and you have the ease of making the payment within next 72 hours of your invoice generation time stamp.
This is most beneficial for the Business and corporate customers, who normally pay by check or apply for payment pickup. If the auto renewal is on, then they are not disconnected on expiry.

JetSpot service is prepaid only, but you can take the leverage of keeping your auto renewal on, so that you can make the payment at your ease with 72 hours of your expiry.

You will need to fill the form below and you should be getting a call on your registered number with a confirmation to activate auto renewal. Upon confirmation, the accounts team will activate the AUTO RENEWAL in your account.

1 Step 1
Declaration to be signed by the account owner owning the JetSpot Connection for keeping the ACCOUNT AUTO RENEWAL SWITCHED ON.

Terms and Conditions

      Account once renewed, and invoice is generated cannot be cancelled or paused.
      The pending invoices needs to be paid within 72 hours of the invoice generation date.
      The JetSpot Connection will get auto disabled in 3 days, for them who fail to pay the invoice within the stipulated time and they will lose the days from the subscription until its paid.
      Rental Amount once paid are non-refundable / non-transferable / non-adjustable.
      Customers failing to clear the generated invoice, to receive legal notice within 90 days of the invoice generation date.

NOTE : In case, you are looking to change the plan, you will have to fill this PLAN CHANGE application. So, the team has to change your plan and then again enable the AUTO RENEWAL for the new plan.

And if you are looking to disable your AUTO RENEWAL someday, you will need to send us an email to support@jetspot.in stating the reason, so we can switch off the AUTO RENEWAL in your customer ID. Next when you again want to enable your AUTO RENEWAL, you will need to fill the form below again.

P.S : We do not take any requests over phone, so each account related changes should be done over the helpdesk support email – support@jetspot.in
Excuses like “`I had informed over phone”, “I had talked over phone to disable my auto renewal”, “I had not asked you to renew my account”, are strictly not accepted. If the form is signed above, and invoice is generated, it has to be paid within 72 hours.

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