We have just powered up our JetSpot Fiber plans with double the speed and double the data for all the JetSpot Fiber customers in Bhubaneswar, keeping in mind the high data requirements every now and then. The demand has been increasing day by day and we cannot see people with the lame FUP speed within a day or two. Its disgusting! 

We have doubled the speed for customers and the doubled the data limit respectively without extra cost. Even speed post the FUP limit have been increased in these plans, which is killer!

And to add to that, the installation pricing stays simple as it :

  1. For apartments more than 20+ ready customers to subscribe, the installation would be ₹575.
  2. For apartments less than 20+ ready customers to subscribe, the installation would be ₹1725.
  3. For independent buildings, the installation would be ₹2875.

NOTE : Installation is non-refundable and if you want to buy the wireless router from us, it costs ₹1000. No FREE Router is given anymore, since the installation pricing has been slashed.


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