So, I have been getting a lot of questions by my friends, other ISPs and customers about how its going to affect JetSpot when JioFiber goes live. So, the one liner answer would be – “NONE”. Jio will offer their own services in their own way and JetSpot will keep offering their own services in their own way. Each company has their own set of law, TOS, pricing, service offerings, etc. You don’t have to match to someone. Thats the worst thing to do. It simply depends on the customer’s know-how what is suitable for him and he needs to go for the same. Anyways, since people ask me about the differences, Im going to discuss it, from my own past experiences with Reliance and I pretty much know how they work for customers, enterprise, retail and end users. So, lets discuss from my point of view. You may agree to disagree or disagree to agree, thats your choice, since its my blog, so its my view :)


JioFiber is going to offer FTTH plans with speeds upto 1Gbps and JetSpot Fiber offers upto 100Mbps. Speaking about the speeds, 99.9999% of Indian homes doesn’t have the compatible router to even speedtest more than 30Mbps and if someone has a compatible AC router, then it comes to computers and disk read write speed to speedtest. And from Dell’s 2017 survey, India is the only country in the world, where 60% of computer users donot upgrade and stay with their PC and laptop for more than 5+ years. So, well yeah, in order to even speedtest 100Mbps, you need to invest on the right gear.

Data Limit

JioFiber is going to be 100Mbps for 100GB monthly for 3 months promo plan with some free addons of 40GB each once you hit the 100GB limit in a month. JetSpot Fiber plans have a clear table layout of the high speed data limit and post fair speed details online. You can get upto 500GB at speeds upto 100Mbps and then FUP speeds at 6Mbps full unlimited at just 1999.

Advertising about Speeds

Jio never talks about speeds. All of their pricing pages on website will show pricing and duration, but no talks about speeds. JetSpot Fiber straight on first line on the table shows about speeds. Clearly mentioned on the website pricing page.

Customer Support

So, this is the main part. JioFiber customer support is only over emails and twitter. And both of the platforms only gets acknowledgment, but no solution. Customer Support is the biggest strength when it comes to service platforms. No one wants to stay in darkness in this highly connected world without any kind of information or update about outage or disconnection. There is no way to get proper customer support for JioFiber. Whereas for JetSpot Fiber, there are multiple ways to do that – Helpdesk, Phone Support, Twitter Support, Whatsapp, even direct numbers of team managers.

Availability & Pricing

JioFiber is going to be available for only societies and apartments in the first phase and they have no plans to connect individual homes right now, as it involves a lot of capex and man power. For apartments, its going to be 4500 INR security deposit with 3 months of free subscription and post that, you will need to spend 1500 INR monthly approx on a regular subscription.

JetSpot Fiber is available for apartments, societies and individual homes too, provided the customer pays for the CAPEX and its done then. And pricing starts all the way from 500 INR monthly without any free promo offers.

BTW, cheap isnt good, good isnt cheap.

If something is cheap, you know, its backed up with some compromises.

Refund Policy

This is the point, which I was itching to discuss about. Reliance is famous for NOT REFUNDING a PENNY to anyone in this world. It seems, its discussed in their board meeting – “NO REFUNDS, LET THE CUSTOMER DIE TO DEATH”. I have a number of experiences. Reliance has failed to refund me 399 INR back in 2015 and I had wasted almost 33 hours for this. The saga is true – LET THE CUSTOMER SUCCUMB TO DEATH, BUT NO REFUND. So, its going to be another truth for JioFiber, where it says 4500 INR is refundable. If a company could not refund 399 INR to a customer, how do you expect them to refund 4500 INR ? Hahahahahahahahahaha! Keep dreaming :)

Anyways, for JetSpot Fiber, the refund policy is plain simple. You fill the disconnection form, post the bank details in the online form. Refund amount reaches your bank account in 3-4 working days. Dead simple!

Importance of Customers

I have used JioFiber in Mumbai at my sister’s place and I was facing a lot of disconnection and packet loss. My VPN even did not connect. Then I came to know, VPN connection is not allowed in JioFiber residential broadband. But thats fine as I understand it should not be allowed anyways. But about my disconnection and packet loss, I had to waste an hour trying to call their rep but they hardly even understood what Im speaking about. I gave up, as packet loss and RTO was new terms for them. For reliance,its all about money, not about customers.

Here at JetSpot Fiber, I remember of situations, when I have personally spent hours to debug even a simple customer whose monthly subscription is not more than 500 INR. In many cases, I have got into the debugging sessions of our customers remotely to see about the problem and fix it.

Internet Speed Stability

Whom are you going or email if you have a speed issue with JioFiber ? Ha ha, NO ONE. You wont even know whom to contact, because there would be no real customer care sitting or caring about customers. You just have to stay with what you get, without complaining.

Here in JetSpot Fiber, I have heard about situation, when people with 50Mbps plans and getting 47Mbps and still calling/disturbing the customer support.

Active Notifications

You normally get SMS from JetSpot if service is down for a area and about ETA and updates. It makes the customer informed about everything. Dont expect that from JioFiber. They wont even know which area has the service live or down. I can tell that, by reading 100s of reviews about JioFiber since a year, since many are already using it in Mumbai, Pune.


JioFiber is going to excel in this category, as they own a lot of content and customers who needs those, will be benefitted. For example, JioTV, JioCinema, JioMusic.

JetSpot Fiber on the other end, has no VAS, its only about internet services.


JioFiber coverage is going to be huge, almost for whole country and whole state and all the bigger towns. But they will target the societies and apartments mostly. Individual Homes might not be able to get it for next 1-3 years until Jio finds an easier way to connect the customers.

JetSpot Fiber has got coverage for most of the important areas in Bhubaneswar and its available for both apartments and individual homes as well.

Last Mile Connectivity

Connecting the last mile customer is a big hurdle, and especially for bigger brands like Reliance, Airtel, Vodafone and the reason is, most of their team members donot care to listen or do what they are assigned to. Lets say, you got a JioFiber connection, and if you fav a downtime, you might have to wait for days together to get your connection back, because there is no way to contact them directly and by the time they assign a local team to figure out whats wrong, it would be already testing your patience.

for JetSpot Fiber, you may simply whatsapp us or email to support or even call our direct numbers and our fiber team normally fixes the last mile within 3-24 hours or even less depending on several other factors.

Point of Contact

Whom are you going to call if are not getting speed over Wi-Fi ? Whom are you going to call when you have a website not opening or responding ? Whom are you going to call during outage ?

There answer is ‘MUJHE NAHI MALUM’ – Thats appropriate for JioFiber as you have no idea whom to contact actually. This is going to be biggest hurdle, as you cannot call or explain anyone about your problem.

While for JetSpot Fiber, you can get in touch with us via WhatsApp as well.

Helpdesk Support

Jio helpdesk is the worst in country. I had 2 tickets open last year, which got auto closed and when I asked about it, the response I got was – Its solved. Now, HTF did it get solved when the customer has absolutely no idea what was done or if it was fixed or not.

For JetSpotFiber, our normal TACT is 12-24 hours for each ticket and each ticket is only marked as solved, after confirming with the customer over the phone. We treat helpdesk ticket management our utmost priority.

Service Clarity

There will only advertisement and figures for JioFiber, but no service clarity. Their own team members have no idea how things work and forget about service clarity.

For JetSpot Fiber, you get a clear Feedback Form after installation, where you get a clear statement showing what comes under our support and what doesnt. You also get the detailed customer charter form which has every tiny bit of terms and conditions explained.


Reliance being a billion dollar company, their only weapon is advertisement. They spend crores on advertising, promotions, sponsorships to get the word reach the end customers. And for Indian public, the best thing to do is, advertisement and promotions, no matter if something works out or not.

JetSpot on the other hand is solely dependent on word of month or recommendations. We have 0 advertising budget. We want customers to hear about us and reach us, so they dont end up asking weird questions.

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