JetSpot Fiber is the one and only revolutionary product in the city to offer speeds like 1Gbpstill the customer and its made possible by the highly efficient and powerful technology and platform, Jetspot runs on. We offer packages starting from 1Mbps till 1Gbps now and all of them are broadband plans only.

When its called, that means its under a contention ratio for all the live users and that the reasons, the speeds are always mentioned as “UPTO”. Its never dedicated, al though you get almost dedicated speeds always in Jetspot, but as per the law, dedicated speeds are not allowed in broadband, as that is reserved for Leased Line Users only, who pay 4x the price of the regular broadband plans for the symmetrical dedicated speeds and latency.

And ISP support is only upto CONNECTIVITY SPEEDS which you can test over with host server selected as JETSPOT.
ISP is not answerable to what download speeds you get on your browser or mobile phone or torrent application or IDM whatsoever, since ISP do not own the servers you are trying to download from.
For example, if you are trying to download a movie from YouTube, its YouTube’s health how fast it can reach you, not the ISP, as ISP doesnt own YouTube servers.

This is the first thing to understand, before you proceed with the rest of the read.



  1. JetSpot doesnt support you for your wireless issues or wirelessly connected device internet speed. Thats out of our support scope. We would only check the wireline speed (LAN). LAN speed means, your computer must be connected to the Router’s LAN port or our LAN cable directly and speedtest should be done from (selecting JetSpot Networks host server). Also keep in mind, Speedtest will not always show you the full speed, as you must be already using the internet. It will show you better speeds, when only one system is connected over LAN and tested directly making sure, there is nothing downloading on the background like windows updates or Apple updates.



Like its said above, broadband speeds UPTO

TRY DOWNLOADING FROM YOUTUBE and see task manager for the speeds like :

1Mbps Plan –  Download speed 100-150 KB/sec
2Mbps Plan –  Download speed 200-250 KB/sec
3Mbps Plan –  Download speed 300-350 KB/sec
4Mbps Plan –  Download speed 400-450 KB/sec
5Mbps Plan –  Download speed 500-550 KB/sec
10Mbps Plan –  Download speed 1MB/sec – 1.2MB/sec
20Mbps Plan –  Download speed 2MB/sec – 2.5MB/sec
30Mbps Plan –  Download speed 3MB/sec – 3.7MB/sec
40Mbps Plan –  Download speed 4MB/sec – 5MB/sec
50Mbps Plan –  Download speed 5MB/sec – 6.2MB/sec
60Mbps Plan –  Download speed 6MB/sec – 7.5MB/sec
70Mbps Plan –  Download speed 7MB/sec – 8.5MB/sec
100Mbps Plan –  Download speed 10MB/sec – 12.5MB/sec

and so on…



If your Speedtest speed shows less than 50% of your plan speed or your latency is too high to our server, then only your request is accepted as a complaint and we work on it. Anything apart from this, would be considered as normal and ticket would be marked as resolved. Also before submitting, the ticket make sure, you have done the speedtest from a LAN connected PC or laptop and also, finished downloading some files from . If you still feel the lag, then we would be happy to check it for you.

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