Jetspot has launched a secure file drop platform, where is not the typical file transfer or file drop service like you can upload or download. What it does is, it takes the file download requests of the users and our bot will download it for you and upload it securely to our JetMedia File Server, then email you the download link and once you have downloaded it, it will auto delete the file after single download session is closed.  If you need the same file to be downloaded multiple times, then contact us for custom quote. 

It supports the download managers as well, and Jetspot customers would be able to download it at their peering speeds.

Here is a case study example :

  1. A gaming user has a 2Mbps internet speed broadband plan, but he needs a 50GB game torrent file downloaded quickly but dont want to download it from his plan speed, as it will take him forever.
  2. He buys the JetMedia Drop Service and sends us the download link.
  3. The bot will download it for him and send him the download link
  4. He would be able to download the same file at 50x speed than his regular internet speed and it would download almost instantly.

In order to use this service, you need to fill the form here.

You may make the payment online here and then submit the form below.

1 Step 1

File Size 1-10GB - ₹99 - PAY HERE

File Size 10-20GB - ₹199 - PAY HERE

File Size 20-50GB - ₹299 - PAY HERE

Once the file is ready, we will email you the download link and it will get it downloaded at your peering speed.

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