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Looking Glass servers are computers on the Internet running one of a variety of publicly available Looking Glass software implementations. A Looking Glass server (or LG server) is accessed remotely for the purpose of viewing various information of your ISP or enterprise service provider.

Essentially, the server acts as a limited, read-only portal to routers of whatever organization is running the LG server. Typically, publicly accessible Looking Glass servers are run by Internet service providers (ISPs) or Internet exchange points (IXPs).

How it helps the customers of JetSpot ?

You can use the looking glass here to see what latency Jetspot is actually getting at its data center in realtime.  For wireless customers, the difference might be a bit high, but for fiber customers it would be almost the same.

For example, if you are a online gamer, then you are basically living your life on 2 important IPs : ( ( Simply enter the IP on our tool and see what actually we are getting at that right moment.

For me, latency is what matters, and its same for everyone else out there, who uses the internet for some productive stuff or business. So, I would simply go and enter in ping. If the ping of JetSpot data center and mine is close, then I know, Im good to go and I carry on. If the difference is like more than 100ms or more between Jetspot data center and my personal connection, then I know I have some problem and I would report it to the helpdesk.

You can use tools like host IP, ping, traceroute, jitter, performance everything from this lovely little tool.

It also has test files to download and test download speeds, etc.

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