JetSpot provides services and products to you always subject to the its own terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers as amended from time to time at the sole discretion of JetSpot. By accessing, browsing or utilising any or all of the services and products within Jetspot, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers contained herein. If you do not agree with the stated terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers, JetSpot advises that you not to use its services and look for some other service provider always.  

All the hard work, uptime, support and everything gets possible when we make sure, all the payments are on time and since we are a company, who cares for rules more than the money, we have some strict terms which the customers needs to stick to, if they are looking to stay as a Jetspot customer.

  1. For the New Customers : Your JetSpot account is only activated, only the full payment for installation and rental is verified by the accounts team. If you have paid by check, then you have to wait for the check to get cleared.
  2. For the Existing Customers : Existing customers get subscription expiry reminder emails and SMS 72 hours before their actual expiry due date, so they need to make sure, their account is credited before the due always. They have 3 best ways to do this : Online Payment, or Payment Drop at JetSpot Head Office or request for Payment Pickup.
  3. Whats the grace period and how are Late Payments charged : Lets say, your account expiry date is today, then you may request our team to renew you and they would do it. But once the renewal is done, then you have to make sure, the payment is credited within next 48 hours or the account gets disabled and a late payment charge of 2.5% of the invoice value is charged.
  4. For the Customers who need a Fixed Billing Data : There is no way, there would be a fixed billing date, because JetSpot system works on a fixed billing cycle of 30 days only. Some months may have 30 days, some might have 31 days, so the billing date always changes as per your subscription 30 days billing cycle date only.
  5. For the Customers who need a extra grace period for Payments : If you are a company whose payments are approved and paid from the head offices in other cities, they need to do follow some steps, like a request letter and a blank signed check as security. First, they need to write a request letter on their letter head with their stamp and signature stating that, “their payments come from XYZ city, so we need a grace period of 15 days. And if our payment is not received within 15 days, please process the blank check with your amount and date and then again we will send you a new blank signed check to keep as security.”
  6. For the Customers whose Checks get Bounced : Any customer whose checks are bounced more than 2 times in one financial year, they are not eligible for check payments for that financial year. They need to pay by cash, or pay through NEFT, RTGS or pay online. Also, they need to bear the check bounce charges of 350 INR.
  7. For the Customers trying to do a fraudulent transaction : Any customer found trying to do a transaction with fake credit card or debit card details, would be handed over to the local police station and cyber cell, Bhubaneswar without any prior notice.
  8. For a Customer denying to pay after using the service : As per the CAF, any billing issues will taken directly the jurisdiction of court of Bhubaneswar and details will be shared to the forceful collection team.
  9. For Customers who call for Payment Pickup and then vanishes : Our payment collection team will try to visit your location only once. If you fail to make the payment during that single payment pickup visit, then your account will get disabled and you will need to do it online or drop the cash at JetSpot HQ.
  10. Whats the grace period for account renewal payment : Its 2 days (48 hours).

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