Stay in touch with your loved ones anytime with unlimited voice calls to any part of India.Here are the steps to get it done.

SIGN UP WITH BSNL WINGSSignup with BSNL Wings. It costs ₹1299 per year only. Thats cheap.
Contact JetSpot about the device recommendations for you.
Make the purchase as per JetSpot recommendation from Amazon India.
Get the config done by JetSpot for ₹300 one time fees for your connection

Features of BSNL Wings VOIP Fixed Landline

UNLIMITED Free Calling to any number in India
Supports both cordless and corded telephones
Permanent fixed landline fancy number
Bundled with JetSpot Fiber and JetSpot TV

Recommended Phone Sets for you!

BUY ON AMAZONBUY ON AMAZONBUY ON AMAZONBUY ON AMAZONWhat is JetSpot Phone ?JetSpot is only the internet service provider, and using our connection, you would be able to connect BSNL Wings VOIP Service to internet and do unlimited free calls. JetSpot Phone is not a standalone Phone service provider like Jio,Airtel,BSNL,etc.Whats the offer ?If you subscribe for 2 years Jetspot internet plan, you get the phone modem + phone subscription for 1 year absolutely free.NOTE – This offer is only available for Nitro Premium and Nitro Ultra Combo Plans.What devices do I need to purchase ?You need to purchase two devices : Jetspot phone compatible Modem + Landline Set.And you need to purchase the BSNL Wings subscription only.Do I pay anything to JetSpot ?You only buy the phone compatible modem from Jetspot. And the config charges of 300 INR to be paid one time.What is BSNL Wings ?BSNL Wings is their new VOIP service for fixed landline.One time registration charge Rs. 1099/- + taxes as applicable No fixed monthly charges  Call charges free to any network for one year in India
What about existing customers ?Existing customers can exchange their current device with the new phone compatible device and pay an extra 2000 INR for the new device.Can I get a fancy number ?You may contact BSNL about it on twitter, but they don’t allow. Better to choose a number from the list you get when you sign up.Can I use this BSNL Wings VOIP in mobile too ?Yes, if you config it correctly on your phone using a SIP app, then you can use this service on your phone as well.Things to NoteJetspot Phone is not a standalone Phone service. So, there is no support related to JetSpot Phone. For any support or questions related to BSNL Wings, you need to contact BSNL Wings only.