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Standard Timeline (wireless) - 3-5 working days
Priority Timeline (wireless) - 1-2 working days
Standard Timeline (fiber) - 7-10 working days
Priority Timeline (fiber) - 3-5 working days

Fiber Relocation charges will vary depending on your new location distance from our nearest node. Old location installation amount is used up during your old installation itself which is non-refundable as usual. Pricing is 12 INR+GST per meter for relocation reinstallation for fiber accounts + above service charges. Customers who donot want to spend on relocation reinstallation may either buy a wireless backup (speeds will stay upto 5Mbps in this case) and use the services until their paid subscription is expired or decide to disconnect. Either ways, installation and rental once paid is non-refundable, non-transferrable, non-adjustable.