JetSpot Fiber being a startup has been a talk of the town for last 1 year since its inception. Being a quality centric company, we never compared us with anyone neither we would like to get compared. But here are some facts and figures just to give you a clear idea how JetSpot is winning the edge over Airtel 4G and the upcoming Reliance Jio.

Price & Costs Involved

JetSpot Fiber installation costs ₹1500-₹2500 only. JetSpot Fiber plans are amazingly cheap which starts from only ₹699. You may go through the plans here. Others installation costs more than ₹2500 and takes days for the account activation and documents verification. It takes 5 minutes for JetSpot. On top of that, plans are uber costly. For example, with Airtel 4G you pay ₹750 for 4GB fixed data limit. That means, once you are done with the 4GB, you are left no internet. You will have to recharge it again. With JetSpot Fiber, you get UNLIMITED data for ₹699, which comes with 5Mbps till 10GB and then 100% unlimited usage at 1Mbps speed.

Unlimited Data

JetSpot Fiber plans are completely unlimited. You know your monthly rental since its a fixed figure. You are never going to run out of your data or get some hefty bill in the end. With others, you will need to recharge your account number of times to meet your data requirements. You are simply blocked to death with the data limit. For example, Reliance Jio Package is 75GB for 90 days at ₹1999 for speeds upto 40Mbps.  Here at JetSpot, for ₹1999, you may download even 2000GB or whatever at speeds upto 100Mbps.

Internet Speed Stability

JetSpot Fiber Plans are speeds upto 100Mbps.JetSpot is famous for its stable speed delivery and its not dependent on any signal strength or how far you are from the nearest JetSpot base station. The broadband customers get speeds just as stable as leased line customers. With 4G LTE, its purely dependent on where you are and how good signals you get. You may get 25Mbps in the morning and may get 5Mbps in the evening and 2Mbps in the night. It constantly fluctuates depending on your position, wall thickness, and signal strength.

Agile Customer Support

JetSpot works on 4 levels of customer support techniques. Level 1 is a 24×7 Toll Free Customer Care Number, Level 2 being our Online Support Help Desk at and Level 3 being our Nodal Support through email from And Level 4 being the personal physical support at your premises. If you have any issue and you report it today, someone from our team should be visiting you today itself to sort the issue if needs some physical checking or fixing. Or it simply gets resolved at Level 1 or Level 2. With others, you are left to an IVR. No one is going to visit you personally to sort your issue or going to listen to what you have gone through or whats happening. You are simply made to feel staying in a no man’s land. The IVR support ticket takes days to get resolved and you are left with nothing, but just have to wait.

Personalised Support

JetSpot is famous for its personalized support and customer care. Let’s say you want to configure your camera or need to setup remote access or do port forwarding or need a static IP, JetSpot handles it immediately. With others, you might have to wait for months to get this done and go through 1000s of emails and calls. No one is going to help you how to do port forwarding or how to get remote access setup done in your router.

Optic Fiber Reliability

JetSpot Fiber purely works on optic fiber till the customer drop. It based on (Fiber to the Home) FTTH and Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks (GPON) technology. Its no way to dependent on wireless signals or wireless signal strength like 4G LTE. Optic Fiber is the most proven technology for last 30 years to deliver ultra high speed internet.

Not just Internet

JetSpot Fiber is an addiction and an experience at the same time. Its not just internet, but a long list of state of the art features like Speed on Demand, Data on Demand, JetPlex, JetMedia, etc. With others, you are restricted to only internet without any special features or offers time to time.

Active Notifications

With JetSpot, you will immediately receive an SMS whenever we have a downtime or scheduled maintenance. We inform our customers before 24 hours, in case of any scheduled maintenance and in case of any downtime, you get to know when it happens and how much time its going to take to get fixed. With others, you never know when it goes and comes and on top of that, you would have no option other than waiting or calling to listen to an IVR.

Traffic Congestion

When Airtel 4G started in my city, I was getting around 25Mbps and now after 4 months, I hardly get around 5-8Mbps on average all throughout the day. The reason is congestion and capacity issues. Its the same for Reliance Jio. When the base increases, the capacity fails to deliver its said speeds. While at JetSpot, we have successfully delivered 100% stable speeds for last 7 months, from the day we have started. We work 24×7 to make sure, the network congestion is negligible or just minimal.

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