If you remember, when you filled your Customer Application Form, you must have filled the ‘Date of Birth’  field on the paper.

Ever wondered, why we have that field in the form ?

Well, its because we need a chance to greet our customers on their fun filled day as well, and it couldn’t get better than this!

We hand pick few good customers every month and then they get lucky on their birthday!

Our way of wishing you ‘Happy Birthday with a gift’ is doubling your JetSpot Plan Speed for that very day!

For example, if my birthday is on 25th September, and I have a JetSpot plan of 4Mbps, then it automatically becomes 8Mbps for that full day, 25th September 00.00am till 25th September 11.59pm.

How cool is that ?

And when we said, ‘hand-picked customers’, they are classified and it depends on how nice that customer has been to Jetspot staff, how timely he has paid his bills, and how well he has spread the word about JetSpot.

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