For them, who always have some pending downloads in the queue :)NIGHT LITE₹250month Speeds upto 25MbpsUNLIMITEDBUY NOWNIGHT SMART₹450month Speeds upto 50MbpsUNLIMITEDBUY NOWNIGHT PREMIUM₹650month Speeds upto 75MbpsUNLIMITEDBUY NOWNIGHT ULTRA₹850month Speeds upto 100MbpsUNLIMITEDBUY NOW

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work ?STEP BY STEP PROCESS :1. Customer buys it online. 2. Informs over WhatsApp 63703039303. We will share the PPPoE details.4. Customer to change the PPPoE in his router every night at 1am to use this addon and change it back to your regular customer ID PPPoE login details after 7am as this addon wont work after 7am.Whats the validity ?28 daysThe addon validity is 28 days, provided your customer ID is already having an existing active plan. You cannot buy and use those addon, unless your customer ID has an active Jetspot Fiber plan.Is it unlimited ?Technically, YES!Yes, it is unlimited, but there is an abuse limit of 2TB per 28 days.What time of the night ?1am till 7amThe addon can be used every night from 1am till 7am.
How do I activate it ?BUY IT ONLINE AND INFORM USBuy it online, inform us over whatsapp. We will send you the login details and you just have to change your PPPoE details in your router.Please Note – the activation time is only during the working hours – 10am till 7pm. We wont be able to activate any night addons in the night. Customers who need it, have to buy it before time.Any support for this ?NOAddon plans donot come with any commitments or promises, as its a regular broadband plan but just with a time limit.