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Declaration to be signed by an Authorized Person owning the Broadband Connection for getting Static IP from JETSPOT NETWORKS PVT LTD
Purpose of IP Application

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. We understand that this IP address can be renumbered at any points of time as per JETSPOT NETWORKS's requirement.
  • 2. We understand that IP addresses assigned by JETSPOT NETWORKS are non portable and will have to be returned to JETSPOT NETWORKS at the time of termination/changing over to another provider/any other reason whereby the customer network is unusable.
  • 3. We understand that we cannot in turn assign the IP addresses to other party.
  • 4. We understand that IP address assigned by JETSPOT NETWORKS is subjected to availability of IP addresses with JETSPOT NETWORKS.
  • 5. We understand that IP addresses may be changed by JETSPOT NETWORKS at its discretion without assigning any reason and we have to agree for the same.
  • 6. We understand that we need to pay for the IP addresses every year. It costs 3600 + taxes INR/year for 1 public IP address for Fiber Broadband Customers and 3600 +taxes INR/year for 1 public IP address for Wireless Broadband Customers.
  • 7. You are not allowed to abuse the public IP by activities like email spamming or bulk emailing or fake posting. If we find it happening, the IP will be blocked or banned automatically and you have to purchase a new IP from us. The company is not answerable to any of such illegal activities and we will directly forward your details to the concerned cyber authority in case of such abuse.
  • 8. We understand that we have followed all the Cyber Laws during use of JetSpot Broad Band service.


This Static IP is linked with your Customer ID and is allotted automatically once you access broadband using this User ID and Password either through PPPoE connection which is configured in your CPE device by JetSpot engineers .