Frequently Asked Questions

₹1500 + GST

JetSpot Fiber Installation amount still depends on feasibility and it isn’t same for all, as every location, every house, every building is different and our team will verify and quote you when they visit.

Installation Amount once paid are non-refundable / non-transferable / non-adjustable after the installation is complete

We provide Single Band WiFi Router across all the plans.

If you wish to get higher speeds over WiFi, you may buy a Dual Band WiFi Router by paying extra 1000 INR to Jetspot.

NOTE : WiFi Router and tests over WiFi are out of JetSpot support scope.
Jetspot speedtest and support ends at the LAN cable or LAN connected single computer only.

Single Band Routers can deliver upto 20-30Mbps over WiFi.

Dual Band Routers can deliver upto 80-100+ Mbps over WiFi under best conditions.

If you are looking for best wifi experience, its recommended to buy high performance routers.

Please check here

NOTE – OTT subscription only comes with long term recharges.
And customers who has went for FREE Installation option are not entitled to get any free OTT. They may buy OTT packages from us separately.

We activate and login to all the OTT providers using your name and kyc only. It can take upto 7 days.

On disconnection, you get a 500 INR refund, once you submit the device with all its glory.

Rental Amount once paid are non-refundable / non-transferable / non-adjustable.

And if a customer has not been recharged for more than 3 months – the disconnection security deposit becomes invalid.


Yes, but we recommend to recharge with half yearly or yearly package only, as it saves time for you and us both.
NOTE – monthly is not available for existing customers, they need to recharge minimum 6M plan.


If you are someone who is into NetFlix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video streaming, we suggest to go for PREMIUM or SMART plan only.
If you are into gaming, Premium Plan should be enough. If you are just a casual user who use internet for checking/responding to emails, then LITE is enough.

If you are into heavy downloading and uploading, then ULTRA plan should be the choice.


NOTE – For plan speeds above 30Mbps, you need to have a powerful computer with a gigabit Ethernet port and speedtest should only be done and tested over the LAN, NOT WiFi. Please check your speed only after you have plugged-in the LAN (Ethernet Cable) directly in your laptop/desktop. The speed may vary 5% to 10% every time you perform a speed test.

And since those are broadband plans, speeds are not guaranteed or committed. Speeds will always vary depending on various factors.

JetSpot Fiber Installation amount depends on feasibility and it isn’t same for all, as every location, every house, every building is different and our team will verify and quote you when they visit.


Subscription means live-running-continuing. It cannot be paused/resumed/cancelled.
NOTE – Customers whose account is not renewed for more than 120 days will attract reactivation charges of 300 INR.


You can upgrade your plan anytime, but your existing subscription credits, data and days will be all lost. So, we always suggest to do those upgrades only when your subscription is ending.


No, as commercial usage is not allowed on residential plans and you cannot claim input your GST on residential plans, as residential plans cannot be in company name, it has to be on a personal name with adhar card kyc.
Office customers are recommended to take Business Plans.


Lite comes with very low upload speeds. So, its not recommended for multiple users.
Smart, Premium, Ultra comes with sequential good upload speeds, higher the plan, better the upload speeds.
Epic, Elite, Luxury, Giga comes with very high upload speeds.

The onsite visit to broadband customers is limited to 3 times in a month, for any issues reported by the customers.
Then its charged 300 INR per visit.

Speed test should only be done at with jetspot server selected on the map.
We only test the connectivity speeds till our own node.
And this speedtest should be done over the wired LAN only.
We donot test or look at WiFi speeds, as thats outside our support scope.

Yes, Discount as in FREE MONTHS

If you recharge a 6M plan you get 1 month extra FREE
If you recharge a 12M plan you get 2 months extra FREE
If you recharge a 24M plan you get 4 months extra FREE


Pay for 6 Months plan, and get free Installation*

Pay for 12 Months plan and get free installation with free router*

*depends on feasibility.

Please check detailed offers here for NEW CUSTOMERS


Yes, you can upgrade downgrade anytime, but rental payment is non refundable and non adjustable, so you will lose your active remaining subscription days if you upgrade or downgrade in the middle of an active subscription.
You are not recommended to change your plan if you are already in an existing live subscription. Choose the right plan and highest possible plan always.


No we don’t. Its broadband, so everything is on best efforts only. It doesn’t come with any promises, commitment or SLA.


JetSpot Fiber is 100% FTTH deployment – FIBER TILL THE HOME. We deploy using GPON/EPON technologies.

Broadband customers receive dynamic IP only. If you are looking to buy a public static IP (without subnet and gateway), it costs ₹3600+GST per year for one IP.


A simple photo, adhar card and current address proof is enough for us to know you


Yes you can. But relocation for fiber means reinstallation, so you again have to bear the total capex of the installation of optical fiber.
NOTE – For Fiber relocation, the relocation is only possible if it comes under Jetspot coverage. If it doesn’t, then you would not be able to use our services anymore and the subscription if already paid cannot be cancelled/paused/refunded. JetSpot donot take responsibility for relocations coverage whatsoever. Installation & Rental Amount once paid are non-refundable / non-transferable / non-adjustable.
And if in coverage, the team will quote for the relocation charges which means re-installation charges and only once its paid, the process gets started. Again, Installation & Rental Amount once paid are non-refundable / non-transferable / non-adjustable.


Since fiber is a physical medium, there is always a high chance of fiber down for any kind of road work or BMC/CESU work, etc. We recommend getting yourself the wireless backup add-on from us. Get it here


We don’t have any special support for online gaming, torrent, streaming, etc. Your support ends at connectivity check only. Anything that is not owned by JetSpot doesn’t come under our support scope. Support is always on best efforts within our support scope.

If its something generic, then its fixed as soon as you report it to us via our helpdesk.
But if its fiber cut, then its always going to take time, can be 24 hours or even more depending on complexity of the situation.
And if its bad weather or rainy weather, road side fiber work is not done. We wait for poles to get dried off next day and then the work is done.
Safety is our main concern for our team members.
So we suggest all of our fiber customers to buy wireless backup addon, which can help them during such fiber cut downtimes.

YES its next to UNLIMITED

Nothing is TRULY unlimited, everything comes with an abuse limit.
Jetspot Lite, Smart, Premium, Ultra comes with 3.5TB per month abuse limit
and Jetspot Epic, Elite, Luxury, Giga comes with 7TB per month abuse limit

NOTE – This is promotional and speed data restrictions can kick in later when the offer ends after the COVID Pandemic.


Yes generally all of our plans are upto 100Mbps speed only. But we have a promotion running till August 2021. Once the promotion ends, the speeds of all the customers will be changed to 100Mbps only, except the long term recharge customers.