JetSpot is offering 1 year free Amazon Prime Video + Hotstar VIP + Netflix Mobile subscription to its customers now.


This is applicable for customers only who opt for any of our top wireless or fiber plans and the minimum recharge is done for 12 months plan, so they can buy those 3 subscriptions absolutely free. You pay for 12 months and get access for 12 months.

For existing customers, If you have paid recently, you can again pay it as advance and you will be eligible for the cash back.

How it works

You book for a new connection, and get the quote for it. JetSpot installs the connection, you receive the cash back to your JetSpot account in 24 hours.
Cash Back is 3765 INR = Amazon Prime Video 999 + Hotstar VIP 365 + Netflix Mobile subscription 2400 – so you are set for a year!
If existing customer, just pay for 12M plan and email to, we will credit the cash back in 24 hours.

How to avail the offer

Contact 7538009903 / 7538009910 or email to to avail this offer. Confirm the Plan name with 12M subscription and go ahead.

Things to Note

We give the cash back of 3765 INR to your Jetspot account, which you can redeem next year when you renew your subscription at end of this 12M plan.
So, next year when you renew your subscription, you can directly use this 3765 INR available credits and deduct from the subscription payment.
This is only applicable for JS/JSF series of customer ID and only for recharges done after Aug 15 2019 (for existing customers) and new subscriptions (for new customers).
And rental subscription amount once paid is non-refundable and non-adjustable.

This is not available for Starter or Alpha subscriptions.
Also not available for customers who have accounts in company names using residential broadband plan.
This is only available for residential customers, not corporate customers or business customers.

And for new customers, installation isn’t free for this yearly subscription.

For questions, email only.

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