We started with our Student Plans this May 2015 and thats the most famous plan of ours!

We came into the market, when everyone else was cheating the internet users by promising them fake speeds! Thats when, we came into action and have shown, how dedicated the speeds stay in our network! 

99.5% of our users get dedicated Mbps all the time, al though it should not be delivered to broadband customers, as broadband customers should never be on dedicated plans with priority service, because that is always reserved for leased line or corporate customers.

But we did it for home users and thankfully, we have so many happy customers! Not a single dissatisfied customer, tying it again, not a single dissatisfied customer! Some felt JetSpot to be expensive, but once they got jetspotted, whats the reason behind that little extra charge, he paid to our amazing uptime and service!

Since, we are basically a wireless internet provider, which you know is a very very expensive technology. We realized going forward, we wont be able to make customers happy with dedicated service with the Student Plans, as it was not paying for our time and sweat and the technology we use! No offense to anyone, its just we hate compromising with our service!

We would rather have 50 good customers, than have 500 dissatisfied customers!

Thats the reason, we stopped offering Student Plans on September 1. Customers who already have the Student Plans, they wont be disturbed, they can still continue with the same plan.

And now our most famous Students Plans have reached its “End of Life” on October 1.

When we say, “End of Life” , that means, there will be no future upgrades or offers applied to Student Plans.

And the customers, who want to enjoy our special offers and future upgrades, we would suggest them to switch to Home Low Lite Plan, as that plan is just next to the Student Plan of 999 and its very well eligible for the offers. 

But if you are not bothered with our offers and upgrades, then you may still stay with the Student Lite Plan for the lifetime!


NOTE : The Student Plans have become Group Plans, so its still available but with a new name!

For more details about Group Plans , click here.


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