JetSpot Reviews.

Over the past 5 years I have used over 5 different connections at home, and keeping it simple – JetSpot kills it! Installation staff was professional, courteous and most importantly patient. I asked a lot of questions and they had answers. I had an issue, called customer care at 8 am and that was ironed out in 30 mins. If that isn’t great customer service I don’t know what is!
Pramit Samal

Exceptional customer service.
The plans may seem a bit expensive but the service and zero down time is totally worth it.No wonder it’s becoming so popular so rapidly.

Jetspot understood that people are willing to pay a bit more for Quality of service (QoS).Keep it up guys!

Shrijay Nayak

A very satisfied customer of Jetspot.Have been using jetspot broadband since 3 months and i can say for sure the best broadband in Bhubaneswar.

Excellent speed and hardly any downtime.Would surely recommend for a hassle free broadband connection.

Swabhiman Patnayak

Having known Soam bhai from ages,i was not surprised by the sheer efficiency and perfection work by the Jetspot team,Soumendra Jena delivers the best.The guys came over in 30 mins for installation,even though my building had some interference due its location,the guys worked till they managed to fix on the perfect signal.Right now,m downloading a 8gb fle at 180kbps while simultaneously streaming some music via the spotify app on the tab,browsing thru my whatsapp and instafeed on my phone,streaming a tutorial video on youtube at 480p and facebooking all with 0 buffer lag on a 2mbps connection.

Sitanshu Pani

Frustrated with the slow internet, i left a query at around 8:30 am and I received a call from Jetspot within the next 15 minutes asking me when they can come and set up the broadband connection. I was extremely impressed with the prompt response! I was told that the people people would arrive around 11am for the installation, and they were bang on time ( a first for my experience in Bhubaneswar ). The Jetspot staff made sure that I was getting the best signal strength possible and then only did they leave. Thank you being extremely thorough and efficient at what you do!

Koel Sarkar

Its the best internet service provider. I’ve got a home connection of 1MBPS with 10GB limit with post FUP speeds of 512kbps. I get perfectly the speed promised. The pricing is reasonable as well. Must go for it if you stay in BBSR.Guys Jetspot is genuine broadband services who understand needs of customer.I used to have Ortel Internet connection earlier which never used to work properly so I thought of moving to Jetspot & now i m a happy customer.Out of words now but the reviews of customers speaks about the quality & service of Jetspot.Just be JETSPOTTED.Thanks.

Sumit Sitha

We were annoyed with BSNL as we used to complain about the speed problem ..nothing got resolved …were more frustrated during download times so, I would say Jetspot has been a Savior …After this problems have resolved and I would recommend dis provider to everyone… What an efficient and professional team they have got …haven’t seen such an amazing,fast round d clock service . Way to go Team Jetspot and highly recommended.

Sarita Patwal

I had to wait for a month to get the connection and the team did everything they could under the blazing sun just to have me connected. And yeah the wait was worth it! Online games run like butter and it feels like u are actually not playing online as they are no lags at all! ? I am overall one of the most happiest jetspot customers as it completes both my wishes fast Internet for gaming and downloading movies. For people who want the same in a city like Bhubaneswar should get jetspot!

Harshad Parekh

Here is a guy who is damn serious about his service and support. I have been waiting for Jetspot since 2 months for some unavoidable issues from either ways but the way this guy deals with the customers(one of which i am) is just amazing!!!! ☺
He is a guy whom u can rely upon ☺
He has been in constant touch and updates
Look forward for a year and he ll be the best

Sumit Sourya Senapati

I just wanted to leave a review to say how happy I am with ‪#‎jetspot‬.
JetSpot Networks the new internet service provider in market that comes with all pros and no cons. The best customer service provider with download speed like none other. I am a happy user!#jetspot a notch higher than the rest.I am getting download speed of 300 Kbps(night) and upload speed of 110 kbps(night) -which is enough for my work.

Debasish Panigrahi

Just got connected to ‪#‎jetspot‬ a new wireless Isp in bhubaneshwar very stable and no connection drops and with the best customer service.I’m getting very stable pings and download is around 100kbps .

The installation and activation is very fast almost within a day which was the best part about #jetspot

Umesh Pradhan

After being a frustrated Ortel user for 5 long users i finally got jetspotted last week and im loving it! I never thought that Bhubaneswar will ever get a good and trustful ISP, but Jetspot proved me wrong. I get constant 1mbps connection all the time, which was a dream for an Ortel user.
May this company reach higher heights without compromising its “startup-hardworking” ethics.

Purnendu Mishra

Stable internet connection with good speed.
Not so expensive and good service.
Best part about them is they are just a call away in case you’re facing any problem with the Internet connection.

Pranaya Pranoy

JetSpot, unlike any other ISPs in Bhubaneswar, has everything I could ask for from an ISP startup. They’ve got speed and up time decent enough for my needs. But it’s their exceptional customer support that leaves the completion miles behind. Hoping for their sustained commitment to customer support and quality down the road.

Sushant Sahoo

Really awesome service and speed. This is my 2nd connection and I’m loving it. Please ditch your current ISP and get this! You ll be more than happy!
I’m just pleased that I can stream music with no streaming at all as I listen to music a lot!!

Pratik Mishra

Well, It has been 4 months, I am started using Jetspot and I can say only one word about Jetspot, it’s “SUPER” and above expectations. Prices are little bit higher side still manageable. Support staffs are just excellent. You will feel, they are just a call away, not more. A appreciable initiative to support tech savvy people like me.
Thanks JetSpot. Wish you Happy Dussehra !!

Manas Ranjan

Jetspot delivers what it promises good speed,no downtime,fantastic service,good offers(dussehera offer) which every customer is enjoying which I think no other internet service provider has provided in BBSR,Mr Soumendra Jena always keeps us updated & answers everyone’s query in the Jetspot discussion group .Keep up the good work & thanks for jetspotting me.

Bibhudutta Pradhan

This is definitely the best isp in Bhubaneswar. The consistency and reliability is impeccable.And Mr. Soumendra Jena is one of the most helpful person you would ever come across, if you have any problem or questions just ask him and it will be solved asap. If you don’t have Jetspot then you are missing out big time.

Siddharth Senapati

Jetspot adds superior customer experience on top of their fabulously fast connection. I’m amazed by the cutting edge Wireless network they provide. It makes the installation super fast and super easy. The engineers who came for installation we very friendly and accommodating. I am still in shock that I got connected in a day.
I don’t belive all this is happening in Bhubaneswar, seriously! Hats off to Soumendra Jena and Team – the visionaries of BBSR.. in (heart emoticon- LOVE)

Samir Patnaik

This is from a really happy customer. The best part about JetSpot is that if you say its 1Mbps, its damn 1Mbps and nothing less.
The moment you see, the speed has lowered, you would have received a message from JetSpot, indicating that there are some issues, and it will be fixed with an Estimated Time of Completion. No downtime. You guys are the Internet saviour in Bhubaneswar. Great Going and continue the awesome work that you are doing.

Debashish Samal

Frustrated with the so called Ortel broadband i booked online for jetspot as i have tried every ISP in the city but they were not upto the mark.But frankly jetspot stands above all as i have never seen such reliabe & excellent service delivered by jetspot team.The team was awesome who came for installation.

Anutosh Swain

JetSpot Networks Rocks!!
Kudos to Soumendra Jena
VALUE FOR MONEY – Getting high speed downloads around 1Mb/sec with speeds upto 4mbps since last two months without any single complaint.
#‎Dedicated‬ – Updated this just because am too happy.

Santosh Mohapatra

A very satisfied customer of Jetspot.Have been using jetspot broadband since 3 months and i can say for sure the best broadband in Bhubaneswar.Excellent speed and hardly any downtime.Would surely recommend for a hassle free broadband connection.

Swabhiman Patnayak

I am gonna make it short and simple, if you need an ISP with excellent Customer service and really affordable Price go for Jetspot and that coming from an online gamer. Using Jetspot for last 7 months and gonna say I am completely satisfied with the customer relation they have.
Go for it (smile emoticon).

Subrat Nayak

Excellent Speed . Excellent Service . Completely Satisfied . I feel Bhubaneswar became “Smart City” due to Jetspot only . grin emoticon Last but not the least Smart person like Mr Soumendra Jena . Who is at work and in touch 24X7 with its customers make its more cool . Thank you Soumendra bhai for hard work and effort for us .

Tridev Acharya

using jetspot since 2 months now……thrilling speed!!!!…..awesome customer service….very stable network nd worth every spent..downloading nd browsing at amazing speeeeeddddd!!!…just loving it….happy to be a jetspot customer smile emoticon smile emoticon best isp in bbsr (smile emoticon)

Upadesh Mahapatra

The best ISP in BBSR, I have tried every option available from local networks to dongles to 4G and nothing comes even close to JetSpot. Great service, head, shoulders and hip above competitors, fair pricing and no-nonsense plans! You can reach support in numerous convenient ways. They deliver more than what they promise.

Sathyan Reddy

Hats off! Never thought such service can be availed in Odisha. You get more than what you pay for!! Like I have a 4Mbps plan so I should get a download speed of 512KBps but my speed gets up to 1.2 MBps grin emoticon Thanks Jetspot!

Sambit Ghadai

Excellent customer service… down to earth technical peoples… responds to any queries super fast… overall the best ISP i ev experienced in odisha…. u get the promised speed even during peak hours….. thats the extra speciality i found… i would say “GO FOR IT” !!!! ?

Sobhit Mahalinga

When it comes to customer service, I don’t think I have seen any provider that is as prompt as Jetspot! If in Bhubaneswar, just get JetSpot broadband and be assured that you will face none of the problems that BSNL and Wefe cause!

Neerja Misra

Excellent customer service… down to earth technical peoples… responds to any queries super fast… overall the best ISP i ev experienced in odisha…. u I have been a JetSpot user since Jan 2016 and people it is ‘THE BEST’ ISP in Bhubaneswar. Very good connection stability and speed as promised. (Also 20 Mbps peering speed…!! Best for torrents ;-)). The price is worth it people you won’t get a finer and trustable ISP in BBSR. Keep it up guys!(y)

Bismaya Vikash

Service par excellence. They deliver what they promise, consistently. What I love the most about this ISP is that, that actually care for the customers. At least they try their best to find solutions to your requirements. One more point that impressed me is, the staff and the engineers are very polite and courteous, unlike other ISPs. If you want reliable service, go for JetSpot. You won’t regret it.

Swayam Sahu