An internet user wants to be as portable as possible and wants to have the cheapest possible Wi-Fi Router which does both long range signals and highest possible speeds.
Well again – 


Decide what you need –

RANGE OR SPEED. You can’t have both. You are challenging Physics and Economics both at the same time

So, basically you cannot have both at the same time. You need to invest on having the best. It doesn’t come cheap.

Technically here it is why we suggest investing on proper Dual Band WiFi Routers –

Dual Band Routers supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. 5 GHz is short-ranged, higher speed band which allows us to use higher speed networks easily and it helps us to get higher speed on our 5 GHz compatible devices. While 2.4 GHz is a long-ranged, lower speed band which supports lower speed but has a longer range. Almost, all WiFi enabled devices support 2.4 GHz, while some of the older devices won’t support 5GHz. Most modern devices support 5GHz bands, but it would be better to check if your device supports 5 GHz or not.

Nonetheless, you would be able to use 2.4 GHz network on most devices, and it has a better range.
The 5 GHz has lesser traffic, which enables higher speed. While the 2.4 GHz has much more traffic and so it distributes the speed among various channels, which does not allow for higher speeds.


2.4GHz is long-ranged, 5GHz is short-ranged
2.4Ghz is for lower-speeds, 5Ghz is for higher speeds

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