Since Jetspot Gigafiber plans look very tempting, its obvious to get confused about which plan to go for. Since all the plans advertised upto speeds and abuse limit shows the same, its easier to get confused about which plan to choose.
So, in order to explain the difference in a single phrase – HIGHER THE PLAN – BETTER THE QoS (quality of service) – BETTER THE SPEEDS.

NOTE – Existing customers with old Nitro Plans are recommended to stay with the old plans only and not move to those plans, as old plans have better QoS than those new cheap plans.

This guide will help you understand in a better way :


The Lite plan is strictly for very very basic users or single user only who doesn’t download much or doesn’t do online streaming. Even though the speeds are upto 100Mbps, it will be much slower experience as the upload speeds are less than 10Mbps in this plan.
Lite plan is not recommended, if you are into any kind of online video streaming and LITE plan also doesn’t come with any kind of field support or phone support. QoS and download upload speeds are heavily compromised on Lite Plan and we recommend using SMART or PREMIUM plan if you a everyday internet user. Also Lite plan doesn’t come with any free OTT subscription. Lite plan users are our last priority, as it doesn’t justify the time and efforts of our team.


Smart plan is recommended for them, who is again a single user and using his computer or mobile phone for online streaming and and work from home activities.


Premium plan is recommended for them, who use their TV or more devices for online video streaming and occasionally download stuff too. This plan also works for them, who have multiple users in their home.


Ultra plan is recommended for them, who watch movies series on multiple devices at home and downloads every now and then. This is recommended, if you have multiple serious users at home.

Now, we also have more 4 plans like Epic, Elite, Luxury, Giga, which are basically with more abuse limit set to 7000GB per month. And they also come with much higher upload speeds. And those plans are only recommended for them, who want all of our services and subscriptions without any compromise and need us to take care of all of their subscriptions without any hassle.

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