Have you ever wondered how the Internet has impacted our lives?! We are using the Internet almost every now and then, everyday. Gone are the days when using the Internet was termed as a luxury. Internet has revolutionized the world and continues to do so in several ways. Due to the internet, the way we look at things and the way we work has been transformed and made more efficient. Internet is used in every field imaginable and has generated large scale employment opportunities too.

Today, we can find information on virtually everything, thanks to the Internet! Some of its major offerings are as follows:

Businesses get a new address – the World Wide Web

Internet has given the field of trade and business a new face by taking it online. Undoubtedly, online business is thriving on the net. The Corporate World can reach out to a wider base of customers, through their websites. The number of active shoppers online is progressively on the rise and the business world is tapping this fact for the better. Locating resources like shops, outlets, businesses offering specific products and services has become easier through Internet. It eliminates the geographical limitations of trade and exchange. Thus, it is proving to be a fairly profitable mode in the business arena.

Advertising and marketing have also experienced a radical makeover, all thanks to the Internet and its enormous coverage. A new product can be introduced to a mass audience within a matter of a few seconds through this high-speed medium. Apart from garnering the attention of the consumers, sellers also get the all-important feedback through various programs and polls. Looking at its colossal potential, Internet has become a highly viable advertising medium, too.

·        Shopping on mind?  Just log on to the Internet

Shopaholics rejoice as their favourite pass time is now easier with a click of a button. E-commerce sites have revolutionized the way we shop. You can browse through hundreds of products without being physically present at the shops, thereby saving time and energy. The market on the web is open 24 hours a day all through the year.  In addition, online stores also provide discounts and seasonal sales.

Online study, training & education – A boon for Students

E-learning is a truly beneficial solution for all learning problems. You don’t have to be physically present in a classroom to learn something new. Whenever they need to clear some doubts, they can now look up to the Interne for solution. All you have to do is log on to your computer through the internet and the whole page will modify itself into a virtual classroom. The educational websites not only give the students study material but also present them with practice tests so that they can prepare better for their examinations.

Online Banking – Banking at a Click

Banking was always a difficult task as you had to physically be there at the venue and join a long queue. With the evolution of internet, banking has transformed into an efficient and easy-to-carry-out task. Today, any kind of transactions, bill payments, money transfer etc. can be completed within seconds and are arguably safer and more secure. It has brought the Bank closer to those people who live in remote places where a real Bank has not been built, yet. Banking even on holidays is another key advantage of E-Banking.

Connect with the World @ a click

You can connect yourself with anyone globally by just logging in to a social media website like facebook, twitter, google+, etc. Your distant relatives can be an integral part of your lives again. Childhood friends meet again and connect immediately on this virtual platform. You can connect with anyone over a video call across the globe, can write letters or communicate with anyone anytime using e-mail and chatting.

News and Live Entertainment on the web

Have you missed the match or a TV show you wanted to watch desperately? Don’t despair because you can easily catch up with it right on your computer screen on the web! Also the Internet has made the mode of Entertainment richer and more enjoyable as one can download or play games, listen to the favourite tracks, watch movies or just surf the Web. People come to know about the various happenings all over the world as soon as they take place and no longer have to wait for the morning newspaper for their daily dose of news. E-papers, e-magazines, blogs and many similar portals give the readers the latest ‘scoop’ right on the screens of their devices.

Internet is indeed the major advancement in the modern era, enabling the common people to sit at home and rule the world. The pointers mentioned here are just the basic elements of why one must have an internet connection. There are numerous things that you can achieve through internet and make you a much successful person in life. But, like any other scientific innovation, it should be used ethically for the welfare of the society.

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