Wireless FAQ

How much does it cost to get Jetspotted?

For Wireless Broadband Plans:
Installation Amount – ₹2500+gst.

 ₹500 refundable during the disconnection, once the customer submits JetSpot wireless device in perfectly condition.

1 year free replacement warranty only on software and hardware warranty is not covered at all whatsoever.

If any extra cable is used while installation after the free cable limit of 30meters, thats charged extra. If there is a requirement of pipe solutions, thats charged extra as well.
You may pay the rental online or cash or check to the JetSpot representative.
If you need a wireless router, you may purchase it from us for ₹1000 more.


Do I need to make any payment at the time of booking the order?

No you don’t need to pay anything at the time of booking the order. BOOKING is free of cost.

What setup do I need at my residence or office in order to subscribe to JetSpot service?

You absolutely don’t need anything, except a wireless router, if you are trying to use multiple devices. If it’s a single device, then you don’t even need the router. Our technician will install the wireless device on your roof top and then it will be configured to connect to the internet.
But yes, if your building doesnt meet the signal requirements, we will need to do some height solutions like we will need a 20ft pipe. A 20ft pipe solution cost around 1500 INR and the cement base (if needed) another 1000-1500 INR may be.
It completely depends on the feasibility team. Once the team checks the feasibility, they can tell you what you need and how much you would have to spend extra on that.
We need the customer to arrange this and then call us for final installation. If the customer needs us to get it arranged for them, you have to pay premium. So, its always better if you could get it arranged yourself and save the extra money!

How do I check my internet speeds ?

You can check your internet speeds at www.speedtest.net by selecting JETSPOT NETWORKS as host server.
NOTE : JetSpot Support is till their own cable only, so you should be testing your internet speeds over a LAN connected computer only. JetSpot doesnt supports tests over WiFi or 3rd party switches or routers. You can keep using your internet as you want it to, but if you find the speed is slow, then you should be testing it over LAN and if it shows low for constant 24 hours or more, then feel free to email us at support@jetspot.in and we will look into it.

Can I disconnect in the middle of the subscription ?

Of course, not! Subscription amount, once paid is non-refundable.So, you have to use your service, until you reach its expiry date. If you disconnect earlier, you will lose your subscription amount.What speed is offered by JetSpot for its service?We offer speeds starting from 2Mbps up to 10 Mbps under wireless plans and upto 100Mbps for Fiber Plans. Those are the connection speeds, not the download speeds. Download speeds are as per the actual math and dependent on international servers or connectivity to them. No commitments and promises are done for Broadband Plans. And broadband plan speeds are upto the speed figures.What are the different types of plans offered by Jetspot?There are different kind of plans to meet your requirements. You need to decide yourself, what you exactly need. Just do not choose the smallest plan and repent later about it. Please visit our Plans & Pricing page to decide on it.

How do I do a Long Term recharge for my Jetspot Account?

You can do a long term recharge by calling us or emailing us, and then we would be sending you the instructions to do it.

What are the devices I can use to access Jetspot service?

You can access JetSpot service from PC/Laptop/Smart Devices like tablets and smart phones.

What are the things I can do from my Online Self Care portal?

Check your profile. Change your password. Make your Payment History, Package History, Complaint History. Download Invoices. Check your Usage Details.

Can I shift my connection from one location to another location within or across the city?

Service can be provided if our network is available in your new location. Shifting charges of 500 INR + GST 18% will be applicable as per Company policy. You will need to provide your new address proof for installation & billing purpose.
If you need the signal checked at your new location before you move to it, then you might have to do the signal testing once and installation again, then it would be 1000+ GST 18% as it would same as installation it twice, once for signal testing and once for the final installation.

Can I change my tariff plan?

You can change your tariff plan only after your current subscription is over and you have to inform us by email before 48-72 hours about the plan upgrade or downgrade. Please email to support@jetspot.in for any such plan change queries.

What are the charges for Static IP?

1 Static IP is chargeable at Rs.3600+ GST 18% per annum.
Static IP is auto renewable service and billed in advance for a year.

What should I do when I face issue with Broadband?

You can reach Jetspot Care team through various ways,A. Call us at HelpLine No. 8690-330-330

Email to support@jetspot.in

Is my existing ADSL router going to work with this new connection ?

No! You need a wireless router to turn your premises into a wi-fi space.
So, your existing ADSL Router is not going to work.
You will need to buy a wireless router only.

Can I get some discount ?

We would not want to compromise our service or support quality by giving you a false assurance in the name of discount. So, lets not talk about it.

Can I ask to pause my account or used my unused data in my next subscription ?

NOTE : As per DOT & TRAI telecom rules, your account cannot be paused or data cannot be carried forward while you have an active subscription.
For example,1. If you have recharged your account on 2nd October and now going out for puja vacation for 10 days, your subscription still stays active. So, your next renewal will be 2nd November only.
2. If you have recharged your account on 2nd October and now going out for puja vacation for 10 days, and you have a plan of 100GB, but you only used 2GB, still your next renewal will be 2nd November only and your unused data will lapse as soon as your current subscription expires on 2nd November.

Can I pause my account for some period ?

Yes, you may request us to pause your account as long as you dont have an active subscription. You may do so by emailing to support@jetspot.in
NOTE : Allowed Pause Period is 45 days or less.
If your account subscription is not renewed within 45 days, then you will be charged with 500 INR as account re-provisining charges.

What is the delivery time for Jetspot service?

The process is, you need to book it online here
Once we receive the booking, one of our team member will call you within 1-3 working days, depending on pending queue of waiting customers to get jetspotted.
But if you are looking for an instant installation, then you need to go for PRIORITY INSTALLATION which costs extra. You may select PRIORITY while booking online on the above form.

Are there any additional cost, that I am expected to pay besides installation charges?

A 30 meter CAT 5 cable shall be provided at no extra cost. However, if you need more or cable-laying through casing and capping will be charged at Rs.20 per meter. The same is payable directly to the authorised JetSpot Installation executive.
Also if your building doesnt meet the signal requirements, we will need to do some height solutions like we will need a 20ft or 40ft pipe solution.
Most of the cases, a 20ft pipe does the job. But if your building is like 1-storey only, then for sure, a 40ft pipe is needed.
We need the customer to arrange this and then call us for final installation. If the customer needs us to get it arranged for them, you have to pay premium. So, its always better if you could get it arranged yourself and save the extra money!
For accessories like cable, you may ask for a tax bill from the jetspot representative, make sure, the tax is paid. And for pipe solution, you wont be receiving any tax bill, since its our of our service addon, but its just to met the signal requirements. So, you may either buy it yourself, or ask our team to get it for you, but jetspot accounts have nothing to do with the pipe solution, whatsoever.

What is the process of Service Delivery?

Service delivery of JetSpot is as follows:Authorised JetSpot Sales representative will explain and finalise tariff plan based on your need.Post placing the order you will receive a call from JetSpot for verifying personal details: name, address, registered mobile number, email ID and tariff plan.
The authorised JetSpot representative will visit subscriber’s premises. You are required to pay “Installation Amount + 1st 3 Months Rental Amount” to the authorized JetSpot installation representative post successful installation.
Service installation will be done depending on our pending queue of waiting customers. In case of cheque payment, service activation shall be done once it’s cleared.
Post successful installation, JetSpot representative will provide the Customer Application Form (CAF), which needs to be filled with complete and correct information. The following documents need to be submitted along with the CAF:Valid Proof of IdentityValid Address Proof1 Passport Photo1 Government ID card
If you are a foreign national, following documents are required:Copy of Visa LetterCopy of PassportTwo local references: Name, Address, Mobile Number & email ID.
You will receive the User ID on your registered e-mail & mobile number.
After completion of installation, JetSpot representative will assist you in generating your JetSpot broadband password through the service login page. Do not share your username and password with anyone.

If I want to disconnect, do I get some kind of refund ?

NO, installation is non-refundable. There is no security deposit. You are the owner of your roof top device. If you want us to buy back your device while you disconnect, we may agree to pay you 1000 INR provided the device is in perfect working condition and it depends on the situation, if we want to re-use the device for someone else, then we would purchase it or we wont.

Can I get a refund of an already paid subscription amount ?

Subscription amount, once paid is non-refundable.
You would need to use it up if already paid or transfer it to some new Jetspot customer wallet or existing JetSpot customer wallet.
And for example, if you have paid for a complete year and then you move to a new location, which is not within our coverage area, you would still be not eligible for any kind of refund. But you have the facility to transfer your account to any of your friends or relatives, and then can simply pay the account transfer fees of 300 INR.

How do I decide which plan from JetSpot service is ideally suited for me?

To help you decide suitable plans based on your usage pattern please visit our plans & pricing page or call us at 8690-330-330 or email us at support@jetspot.in
What are the benefits of Long Term Recharge ?If you do a long term recharge for 5 months upfront, you get 1 month absolutely free!
If you do a long term recharge for 10 months upfront, you get 2 months absolutely free!When can I start using my internet service?You can start using the service IMMEDIATELY, post installation and realization of subscription amount, and verification of your KYC documents.

How do I access my Jetspot service?

Your auto login would be set by JetSpot team.
And in order to goto your user portal, goto  https://login.jetspot.in

How do I know what is the actual speed of my Jetspot service?

You can check the speed of your JetSpot connection by testing the speed on www.speedtest.net

How can I change my billing address?

In the event of address change or address provided with us is incorrect; you can update your address by contacting JetSpot Care at 8690-330-330 or emailing to support@jetspot.in and submitting a proof of new address.

What are the documents I need to submit along with the Subscriber Registration Form?

For Residential users :
Govt ID Proof (PAN Card, Adhar Card, Voter Card, Driving License)Address Proof (BSNL bill, Rent Agreement, Electricity Bill)
For Office users :PAN Card of companyGST Certificate of CompanyAdhar Card of Authorized SignatoryPassport Size Photo of Authorized SignatoryWhat is a static IP?Static IP is a permanent address given to any internet enabled device such as Web server, mail server, and video surveillance camera. Static IP enables you to communicate with the Internet enabled device over the internet.

Will JetSpot provide us a router ?

You will need to use your existing wireless router only. Or you may purchase it from outside market.
[NOTE : BSNL Routers or ADSL Routers & ORTEL Modems are not supported with JetSpot Connection, also do not purchase a D-LINK Router.]

Will the JetSpot Team setup our in-house WiFi ?

We are not responsible for your wi-fi issues at your home or premises. We will simply configure your wireless router and thats all. If you need wi-fi setup done for your home or office, that is a new service all together and we can surely quote you for the same. Please drop an email to support@jetspot.in

How do I get rewarded if I recommend my friends to JetSpot ?

We have an amazing “Rewards Program” where you get paid just by referring anyone to JetSpot.
You may read the details about it here.
All you need to do is, register yourself as an JetSpot affiliate and give your affiliate name to your friends or relatives. So, when they book the connection online, all they have to do is, enter your affiliate name in the referral field and thats all. At the end of each month, we send the payout. You may either choose to get the payment directly to your bank account or just get it deducted from your next month invoice.Is there a late payment charge ?The grace period for payment is 2 days, after your invoice generation date. Incase you fail to make your payment by that time date , a late payment charge 2.5% of the total amount payable + GST 18% shall be charged to your account. To avoid paying these charges, please pay your bill before the due date or within the grace period of 2 days.
Whats the charge if my check gets bounced ?You will need to pay 350INR for the check bounce fees of the bank.