[no_toc] Get rich with JetSpot, you heard it right!

We have just launched our Affiliate System 2021 edition, which we call – “Refer & Earn with JetSpot”.

In simple terms, we do rewards for every customer you refer, as one time referral commission. 

How it works & how you get paid :

  1. You refer someone to JetSpot and ask them to book the connection online. Here is our Online Booking Form, http://www.jetspot.in/get-jetspotted/
  2. On the same form, there is an option to enter the REFERRED BY. Just ask them to enter your full name.
  3. Or enter their details below and we will contact them directly.
  4. Once we receive the booking and the customer is connected, we will credit the reward to your account.
  5. You may be from any part of the world, but the customer has to be from Bhubaneswar only, as Jetspot majorly is available in Bhubaneswar city.

How much do you get paid : [offer till new year – you get paid ₹500 PER SUCCESSFUL REFERRAL]

Its very simple! You get paid ₹200 per customer in Bhubaneswar circle. You refer JetSpot to someone and when he books it online, he enters your affiliate name in the booking form. Then once he gets connected, the commission amount would get credited to your Bank Account via UPI.

Now start referring JetSpot to your friends and family and lets make some money!

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