Gig-speed Internet is here.
This changes everything.

When your Internet is faster than fast, there’s no going back.
Speeds upto 250Mbps
High Speed Data Limit 3000GB
FUP Speeds upto 5Mbps
Speeds upto 500Mbps
High Speed Data Limit 3500GB
FUP Speeds upto 5Mbps
Speeds upto 750Mbps
High Speed Data Limit 4000GB
FUP Speeds upto 5Mbps
Speeds upto 1Gbps
High Speed Data Limit 4500GB
FUP Speeds upto 5Mbps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GigaFiber ?
 1 Gigabit = 1000 Megabits. With GigaFiber, you can now get up to 1 Gbps or Gigabit speeds per second. What this means is that every device at home gets to be connected to high speed internet, without any compromise on the experience. More friends can come over, more online TV can be watched, and lots more streaming, all at the same time at lightning speed, with optical fibre technology.
How much is the installation ?
Depends on feasibility. Can range from 5000 INR to 10000 INR or more, depending on the devices required to be installed and fiber capex.
Is it available for all locations ?
GigaFiber is available for few places right now, as the nodes have to GigaReady. If we have enough inquiries, we can get you up and running soon.
How to get this connection ?
Once the request is raised in your name, our sales executive will visit you. We will check the feasibility by performing a preliminary assessment of our network close to your residence/work place. Our sales executive will contact you within 24 hours with an update on the possibility and estimated time for providing the connection.
Fill out the Enquiry form to receive a call back.
How can I get GigaFiber ready ?
Powerful, everything.
There are a few things you’ll need to get your devices future ready for gigabit broadband.
 1 Gbps speeds work best with an Intel Core i7 processor 2.5Ghz, and an 8GB RAM, with a 64-bit OS and 1 Gbps LAN/Ethernet port. 
 You will also need to make sure that the type of copper cable used to connect your PC is of type CAT6 (4 pair) 
NOTE – You can only test such speeds on LAN, not over WiFi.
Which routers can be used ?
AC Routers Only!
Here are our recommendations –

How fast is Internet at Giga speeds?

*Speed/time examples are estimates and based on wired connection to gateway.Internet speed claims represent maximum network service capability speeds. Actual customer speeds are not guaranteed and may vary based on several factors.
Upload a 4-minute HD video in less than 1 second*
Download a 1GB file in less than 1 minute*
Upload 10 photos in less than 1 second*
Stream HD video or 4K Ultra HD on up to 3-7 devices^