The title says – “Best Practices” so here in this topic, we will only discuss about the best practices for best and fastest internet experience at your home or or office.
If you have a very high speed internet connected via optical fiber by your ISP and you are looking to deploy the best possible way to use it, unfortunately, there is no cheaper or shortcut to get it done. You can go with cheaper routers, switches, cables, access points, but that will be a compromised experience. 

PROTIP – The best and only vintage method to experience the best possible speeds are using internet over wired LAN only. No WiFi, no wireless, nothing is going to give the same speeds as you get over wired LAN. But if you donot want to go wired LAN way, then you may go ahead with wireless AC routers if you have devices in clear line of sight for the router and if you have a multi room or multi storey building, then you need to invest on mesh networks.

NOTE : Your ISP support and role is only till their LAN cable. Anything beyond that is your own responsibility and you should not be calling the ISP to check or complaint about speeds over WiFi or any cheap router, whatsoever.

Now lets discuss the best practices :


Here are our suggestions about the dedicated router, which only does the routing, not WiFi broadcasting. Just dedicated router. Those two suggested models are gigabit routers, so it can handle upto 1Gbps pretty neat.

Mikrotik Ethernet Gigabit Router RB750Gr2 (hEX) – ₹6400

Ubiquiti ER-X-US EdgeRouter X – ₹7800


Here are our suggestions for the wireless access points which needs to be connected to one of the above routers which you choose and buy. NOTE – buying wireless access point alone wont get you online. You need to buy one of the above two routers first.

Ubiquiti AC Lite Dual Radio Access Point – ₹7900

Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-Pro-US Dual Radio Access Point – ₹14900


Here are our suggestions about the mesh systems now. If you have a multi room house or multi storey house, you absolutely need to drop your plan of buying one single AC router to handle the whole house, because the experience is going to be dead in that case. You need to invest on proper mesh networking system right away. This is an expensive affair, but if you need the best experience, you got to pay for it.

AmpliFi HD (High-Density) Home Wi-Fi System – ₹45900

ASUS Lyra Trio Home WiFi System – ₹39900

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