Flexi Installation vs Regular Installation

Choose what you like. You already have two options. No one allows so many options.
Flexi Installation
Lifetime Warranty
Monthly Recurring Charge
Regular Installation
1 year warranty only
One Time Charge
Refundable ₹1000

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it available for all ?
Its only available for apartments under FTTH agreement. Small apartments and independent homes cannot avail flexi installation.

But independent homes can still avail this FLEXI installation mode, but the installation wont be free. You will need to pay the fiber capex charges only.
What does lifetime warranty mean ?
A device called ONU/ONT is used for JetSpot FTTH. You get lifetime warranty on that device if you go for Flexi. If ever it gets faulty, we will replace it for FREE. 
NOTE – hardware damage or damage by natural calamity is not covered under this warranty.

Natural Calamity Damage of JetSpot Device is not covered of course. If the device gets damaged by Natural Calamity, you will need to pay a security deposit of ₹1000 which will be refunded if ever you disconnect. The Flexi ₹200 will keep on getting charged as it is.NOTE – Also the damage happened to the hardware by the customer is not covered under the warranty.
Whats the exact charge for Flexi ?
₹200 + GST/month for lifetime
Whatever plan you have, it will have an extra ₹200+GST added to it every month automatically. 
Is it available for wireless too ?
Only Fiber Customers can avail FLEXI.
Does Flexi Value Change if I change subscription ?
For example if you are on a monthly rental subscription then your flexi stays 200+GST per month as it is. But if you recharge to a 6 month plan, the flexi automatically changes to 150+GST. 
Similarly, if you have a yearly subcription, your flexi is 100+GST only, but if you downgrade to monthly or 6M plan after staying on a 12M plan for a year, it automatically changes back to 200+GST if monthly plan and 150+GST if 6M plan.
Can I pay monthly?
The flexi is exactly that thing. You dont have to pay any installation. The ₹200 is added to your monthly rental automatically and charged every month until you disconnect and safely deliver the device back to JetSpot.
Am I charged even if my account is inactive ?
No you are not charged if your account is inactive and you might recharge sometime soon. The grace period is 90 days. If you dont recharge your account within 90 days or your account is inactive for more than 90 days, there will be an extra charge of ₹600 before your account gets activated.
But if your account is renewed within 90 days, there is no extra charge and when you renew, the flexi is automatically charged again. 
Is anything refundable on Flexi ?
The Flexi Mode is basically the monthly fixed rental for the JetSpot device which is non-refundable.
Can independent homes choose FLEXI ?
Independent homes can still avail this FLEXI installation mode, but the installation wont be free. You will need to pay the fiber capex charges only.
What are the best offers if I go for Flexi ?
Your flexi charges are less if go for 6M or 12M subscription. 
Also, you get extra months for FREE access, if you opt for 6M or 12M.