How to see the date usage

Login to and goto My Plan > Usage Details. You should be able to see the detailed graph of your data usage and data remaining, days remaining, etc.
If you are looking to see your detailed download and upload details of the sessions, you can see that too by selecting the date range.
And if you are looking to know your data usage on a daily basis, you will need to reboot your router at midnight, so that the session gets updated on your portal everyday and you would be able to see the stats daily wise.

Choose the right plan

Choose the right plan for you. Donot choose the lowest plan available with JetSpot. Thats the worst mistake to do, as you will lose data, time, stress with FUP hits and even lose days/credits if you ask us to upgrade your plan in the midway. Choose the plan keeping your usage type in mind. The best selling plan is Nitro Ultra only, as its cheap and heap of high speed data at speeds upto 100Mbps, which you can never run out of.

Usage of Addons

If you are running under FUP speeds in the midway of a month, you always have an option to buy quick addons from JetSpot.
We have two addon types – Data on Demand, Speed on Demand.
Activation is quite simple. You select the plan on the addon page, make the payment, fill the form in the plans page and team will send you the PPPoE login details of the addon and you need to change the PPPoE logins in your router to this addon login details. Once your addon expires, you need to change the PPPoE credentials in your router from the addon to your own customer ID logins.

Understanding Data Usage

So, lets say you have a NitroUltra_6M plan, which means NitroUltra Plan for 6 paid months and you get 1 month extra, so total of 7 months of access.
The plan details say – Speeds upto 100Mbps High Speed Data Limit 500GB FUP Speeds upto 6Mbps Data Transfer Unlimited, PAY FOR 6MONTHS AND 1MONTH FREE.TOTAL= 7MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION.
So,here is how its set in our CRM.
7 Months = 7 x 500 = 3500GB
So, basically the system will assign 500GB at speeds upto 100Mbps for the customer each 30 days. And if you cross the 500GB mark within those 30 days, then you account hits FUP and your speeds will be dropped upto 6Mbps and then data limit at speeds upto 6Mbps is unlimited.
Every time, your day count of 30 days cycle refreshes, your high speed data refreshes automatically. Nice and easy!

NOTE – The 3500GB for 7 months is not at one go, but auto refresh of 500GB at each 30 days cycle in 7 months.

Your Data Usage & Monitoring is your Responsibility

Your data usage and monitoring is your responsibility. ISP has no role here and ISP cannot be questioned where your data went off. If you are unsure about your data usage, then only way is looking at the portal and seeing the data usage sessions as said above. But if you really want to track your data usage on a daily basis, we suggest getting a good enterprise router, which has all this features of stats and tracking, reporting.

Upgrading Existing Plan

Even though its not allowed to upgrade or downgrade during a live subscription, we would still help customers to enhance their experience, if they are looking to upgrade their plan by adjusting the credits remaining in their account. NOTE – During this process, few subscription days would be lost, as we have to cancel the live subscription and put up a new subscription against the customer ID.
So, upgrade is always allowed, but downgrade is not allowed.

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