Get rich with JetSpot, you heard it right!

We have just launched our Affiliate System, which we call – “Refer & Earn”.

In simple terms, we do cash rewards for every customer you refer, as one time referral commission. 

How it works & how you get paid :

  1. You refer someone to JetSpot and ask them to book the connection online. Here is our Online Booking Form,
  2. On the same form, there is an option to enter the REFERRED BY. Just ask them to enter your Customer ID.
  3. Once we receive the booking and the customer is connected, then the customer has to email us to by keeping his friend’s email in CC and write that= “My Customer ID XXX and I was referred by XXX and his registered email address is”. Then we will verify and enter the credit to his account.

How much do you get paid :

Its very simple! You refer JetSpot to someone and when he books it online, he enters your affiliate name in the booking form. Then once he gets connected, the commission amount would get credited to your JetSpot Affiliate Account. At the end of the month, the total amount would be transferred to your bank account. Lets say, you refer a friend, who gets a plan of 5999 INR, then your JetSpot account gets credited with ₹600.

And for leased line referrals, the payout is very lucrative! If you refer a leased line customer who gets a plan of 4Mbps Leased Line, then you get paid 1200 x 4 = ₹4800.



Now start referring JetSpot to your friends and family and lets make some money!

NOTE : The new customer has to email us within 7 days of his date of connection. The referral is only eligible to get paid during this 7 days timeline, if the email is received post 7 days, it wont be credited as the reward.

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