As of now, JetSpot Nitro Fiber is only available for big societies and apartments, but we receive uncountable emails from all parts of Orissa, regarding Nitro Plans, which is anyways impossible to fire up, due to the high capex and opex involved. So, basically we only fire up only when our fiber node is nearby and the capex is absorbed by a margin.

We have came up with some good options right now for JetSpot Nitro Fiber, so that even a individual building customer can also experience the amazingly high speed and blazing fast experience of the internet.

So, here are the two options :

1. If a customer is very near to any of our existing fiber node, he/she can fill the form here. Our team will check the feasibility and give you a quote once they calculate the length of optical fiber required to get you online. So, you will need to pay the installation amount and the yearly rental plan amount for the plan you choose. The yearly rental is mandatory, since we need to absorb the capex involved. If you are not able to pay the yearly amount, then you may choose the regular residential fiber plans here.
2. If a customer is far from the existing fiber node, then the capex is almost multiple times depending on the optical fiber required to get you online and the commitment needs to be very long term. Here the customer has to pay for 2 years for the plan he chooses and then we power it up. If someone is not okay with it, he/she can simply wait for us to build a nearby fiber node in future or else pay for the installation and choose a regular residential fiber plan only.


1. Upon payment of the yearly subscription, you get extra 2 months FREE. So, pay for 12 months and stay online for 14 months.
2. Upon payment of the two-year subscription, you get extra 4 months FREE. So, pay for 24 months and stay online for 28 months.
3. FREE Wireless Router.
4. Optional Wireless Backup for just 1500 INR.
5. Absolutely no hidden charges.


1. Installation amount is non-refundable and there is no security deposit.
2. Subscription rental amount is non-refundable once paid.
3. Subscription once started, cannot be paused/cancelled/stopped. And if you are an existing long term recharged residential fiber plan customer, you cannot change to this as well, since you already have an active subscription. You may subscribe this as new plan, if you want and lose the old subscription. As per the law of nature or the system, rental amount once paid, cannot be refunded or adjusted, whatsoever.
4. Account transfer is not allowed.
5. Feasibility will take 1-2 days.
6. Installation Amount will vary and will be decided on case to case basis.
7. Installation Type will be FTTH or FTTB or FTTN or FTTC.

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