Gone would be the days of these crawlingly slow internet plans that throttle your connection speed to a fantabulous 512 Kbps or 1Mbps after you exhaust your high-speed data. We all know how these draconian FUP (Fair Usage Policy) plans work. You get a couple of GBs @ multiple megabytes/sec and after you exhaust that, bam! You wouldn’t even want to use your internet connection.

Anyway, we have some good news.
Simple and straight! We are killing the data plan and going all in on unlimited data.

With unlimited everything – stream, download, play and high-speed internet data – JetSpot unleashes customers to just use their internet without ever worrying about data limits again. With this industry-shaking move, JetSpot upends the very idea of traditional wireless rate plans with a single, simple, 100% unlimited offer for the customers and the connected devices.

And to avoid the lady thing of getting confused with 100s of options, we kept it very simple this time.

Its simply just 4 plans, thats all.



  1. An existing customer can change his plan to the new plan immediately by going to his user portal : MY PLAN > CHANGE/RENEW PACKAGE. If you want to activate your plan right away, select “IMMEDIATE” and go ahead with the payment. And if you want to activate the new plan after your current existing live subscription gets expired, then select “SCHEDULE TO NEXT RENEWAL” and go ahead with the payment.
  2. Old Plans of 2015 and 2016 have reached EOL, so it wont receive any updates or upgrades whatsoever. But you may continue to stay with your old plans, and we can renew them manually from our end, upon your request.
  3. You wont find the old plans anymore in your user portal recharge (MY PLAN) section.
  4. Existing customers who have done long term recharges like 6 months and 12 months, only they have been upgraded to match the above new plans, meaning their FUP has been removed.
  5. With this big leap of “NO FUP”, we have introduced a Network Abuse Limit (NAL) clause as well to avoid the spammers, thugs and the buggers. For Wireless Home Broadband Plans, the NAL is 300GB and For Wireless Business Broadband Plans, the NAL is 500GB.You may read about it more here.
  6. Business users or users using the internet for commercial purpose, wont be approved the home plans. They have to go for the business plans only.
  7. A home user can migrate to business plan for free of cost, anytime they need.
  8. Installation of Home Plans stays 3000 INR +tax and Business Plans stay 4500 INR +tax (non-refundable).

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