I keep getting a lot of emails about how to cover more area of a bungalow with wifi signals, and how to eliminate the dead zones in a home. So, I will start with “Smart Home Wi-Fi”. 

Smart Home Wi-Fi in simple terms can be called as Surround Wi-Fi or Whole home Wi-Fi. It simply means, making you wireless experience better all throughout your house, no matter if its your bathroom or your bedroom or the most dead zone of your house. Normally in India, people dont invest on advanced or enterprise wireless routers, and they go ahead with the cheap home routers which are available for around 600-1000 bucks and then connect an external range extender to it, etc.

THATS COMPLETELY WRONG! Its just a workaround (jugaad) for god sake!

For example, a single router and a range extender only transmit data in one direction. while the smart Home Wi-Fi solutions propels data through multiple “hops” throughout your home— each Access Point is a link in the chain, bringing Wi-Fi to a dead spot. Multiple access points throughout your home reduce Wi-Fi signal attenuation (loss), since information has to travel a shorter distance between each access point, greatly reducing the likelihood of interference .

If you look at our Whole Home Smart Wi-Fi solutions, you’ll see multi-component systems with two or three devices, often referred to as access points or nodes, that work together to blanket your home with Wi-Fi coverage. What sets these systems apart is the setup and installation process. Each node should be placed at different locations throughout your home, similar to the setup of wireless range extenders, but because they act as a single system, installation is streamlined, meaning there are no weird handoff issues as you roam from node to node. Your Wi-Fi stays connected when in range. You don’t have to concern yourself with managing and connecting to multiple SSIDs or worry about which device is the weakest link your system—with these Wi-Fi solutions, all the devices simply operate as one. What about speed? I’m happy you ask. The three aforementioned systems all offer dual-band wireless AC connectivity. You’ll also find a host of security features that are designed to keep you protected along the way.

Now here are the best Smart Home Wi-Fi solutions available online :



GOOGLE Wi-Fi : 34,000 INR




Linksys WHW0303-UK VELOP Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System : 67,990 INR

eero Home WiFi System : 42,499 INR

ASUS Lyra Trio Home WiFi System : 47,990 INR

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