Speed on Demand and Data on Demand has been our most successful sellers since years. Most customers prefer to sign up to for an affordable plan and if they hit their FUP limits, they mostly keep on buying those addons as and when required. We have finally refreshed our speed on demand and data on demand plans after 2 years now.  

The speed on demand addons have been upgraded from 1 hour to 24 hours straight, non-stop usage :)

Speed on Demand addon is for them, who needs a very high speed window for some quick downloads or streaming. 

And data on demand addons have been upgraded with double data allowed, without any time limit :)

Data on Demand is for them, who needs data for the time until his FUP is refreshed. It has no hourly limit. 


NOTE : You need to have an active Jetspot subscription to able to buy those addons and addons cannot be used, if subscription window is expired.

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