JetSpot caters to 3 types of customers : Home Broadband, Business Broadband, Leased Internet Circuit. And three have separate levels of priority and services. Leased Circuits get the 1st priority, Business Broadband get the 2nd priority, and Home Broadband comes in the end as the last priority. When we talk about priority, what does that exactly mean.  

Priority is basically based on the on-site support, where someone has to visit you to fix your issues, or re-align your device, or check device power, etc.

There are a lot of customers who have opted for Home Broadband Plans, for their business, offices, or any commercial reasons, which is a serious mistake. You should not be using a home broadband plan for your office or business purpose, and the major reason to it is, you never get top priority. For example, if you are a corporate office and you have tried to save some extra money by going for a home broadband plan, and tomorrow your roof top device gets moved, then you will have no internet and you might have to wait for 12-24 hours for the team to reach and fix it for you, which is absolutely impossible for a business downtime.

So, you need to choose a proper business plan or a leased dedicated circuit always, if you are using internet for your business purpose or commercial reasons. Home Broadband is strictly not recommended for business usage.

If you have absolutely no internet connectivity, then you should immediately contact us. If you are experiencing slow speed, you should not be calling the helpline immediately, rather you will need to check everything from your end like if you connected over LAN or not, and if its just some random website which is opening or downloading slow.

You may inform us about it once and we can surely check it for you, like your signal levels and device health, but checking the speeds every second and calling the support would end up blacklisting, since broadband doesnt come under any kind of commitments, promises or SLA agreements. Broadband is shared internet and a shared path can get congested every time there is a over loaded path or node. Thats plain nature! If you are looking for better isolation, you should get a business broadband connection, and the best isolation is provided with leased circuits which even comes with a SLA agreement, where you get SLA waiver for your downtime even.

NOTE : JetSpot Support is only till the LAN cable of JetSpot and not beyond that or over WiFi. Also, the plans speeds are upto the ISP NODE as per the TRAI Guidelines, and we ISP will not answerable to speeds to servers which are not owned by JetSpot.

ANOTHER NOTE : Broadband Support happens on best efforts and there is no signed agreements or SLA for residential or business broadband. But business broadband gets priority when it comes to on-site support.

So, here is how the on-site support times vary for different types of customers :




NOTE : THERE IS NO PROMISES OR COMMITMENT FOR INSTANT SUPPORT FOR ANY CUSTOMER TYPE, as the support teams are humans and not bots, so everything needs a process and timeline to be followed.

Also support scope is not covered for holidays, sunday’s, bandhs. You may have to ask for priority support addon for holidays if required.

But if you are looking to get instant support, then you may go for our priority support addon and team would reach you within an hour or two.

NOTE : This may vary, depending on the complexity of the situation as well. If in case, the tower end device is busted, then you have to wait until we replace it. So, the above figures are still with a star mark, depending on the situation, it may change.

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