Internet is vital for everyone and there can be 100s of reasons, you get disconnected, or lose your internet connectivity and for those situations, someone has to visit you and re-configure the device for you. And there may be 100s in a day, with some or the other kind of issue, which needs the onsite support only. Since the support system works in a process, there is no timeline or exact time slot, when the support team would be visiting you to fix your issue. If you have asked us, then sorry, we do not have a time to tell you or commit you.

The general ETA for any support ticket closure is 24 hours for home broadband plan customers, 12-24 hours for business broadband plan customers and 4 hours for leased line plan customers, provided there is no calamity taking services or support down or slow. 

This is the time frame within which the general onsite support would be visiting you, and fixing your issue.

But there many be situations, when you cannot wait and needs things fixed immediately. So, that comes under “PRIORITY SUPPORT”.

Here we launch the “Priority Onsite Support” addon for the Jetspot users.

How it works : 

Its very simple. If you cannot wait for the on-site support team to visit you within the above time frame, and needs things fixed immediately, simply, call or email us and we will immediately dedicate a “Priority Onsite Support Team“.  The team would reach you within next 60-90 minutes depending on the availability of our Priority Onsite Support Team and it may vary sometimes depending on their priority load. We have assigned dedicated support teams everyday, who will always be available at our data center during the working hours.


How much does it cost : 

Basic Priority Onsite Support costs 300 INR for all kinds of home broadband plan users. And the payment needs to be done in cash to the team directly, as they are the dedicated teams for priority support. If you are looking for a bill receipt, then its 300 INR + GST, and you may pay that via check or NEFT or RTGS as well.

Its free for Business Plan Customers and Leased Line Customers (on working days only during working hours, excluding sunday and holidays and team should reach to you in 1-4 hours)

NOTE : Priority Onsite Support Hours (BASIC) – within 10am – 8pm only – 300 INR.
If you need the Priority Support in the off-hours like before 10am or after 8pm, you need to go for the Priority Onsite Support Hours (PREMIUM) plan, which costs 500 INR + GST.
Also support scope is not covered for holidays, sunday’s, bandhs. You may have to ask for priority support addon for holidays or sundays if required.


How to ask for priority support : 

  1. You may call the Toll Free and ask them for “PRIORITY SUPPORT” with your username.
  2. You may email to with subject line “JSXXX PRIORITY SUPPORT NEEDED”
  3. You may call to any of our support teams and ask for the same, 7538009901, 7538009902, 7538009903, 7538009906, 7538009907, 7538009909, 7538009910, 7735009913, 7538009908, 9861509903, 9861809903, 7735709914


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