If you are a JetSpot Fiber Broadband or Fiber Leased Line Customer, you need to read this.

Fiber is a physical medium and it goes through multiple path for the ISPs to reach the end customers or last mile customers. Being a physical medium, its always prone to damage, cuts, maintenance, issues on the road or underground or overhead structures like electric poles, postal poles, bridge, etc. And during such situations, your internet would get disconnected and you will need to wait until he fiber link is restored by the ground staff, which normally takes time to figure out, monitor, fix, lay, get it live. For such situations, we have a solution to keep you stay connected even during fiber downtime. Its the wireless add-on, where a wireless device is installed on your rooftop and configured with the same fiber customer ID and password. Here are the things to know : 


Who can Apply

Only Fiber customers can get this add-on, provided there is a clear channel wireless signal from our nearest node to your home. Most of the cases, its always feasible. But if in case, the device doesnt get enough signals to get connected, then one cannot have the addon.

NOTE – JetSpot Franchise locations cannot avail this addon.


Wireless add-on is 4130 INR only (non-refundable). There is software warranty on this device for 1 year from the date of purchase. There is no hardware warranty on the device.


Wireless addon-on devices will be capped with speeds upto 10Mbps, but we donot commit any speeds on wireless, as it depends on 100s of other factors. Its just to keep you connected to the internet to let your work getting done.

What you need to do

You need to fill the form online and make the payment online. Our team will visit and install the device.

You will be marked 2 cables – one from fiber FTTH ONY and one from the wireless device POE.

During the fiber outage, you need to call 8690-330-330 or WhatsApp 6370-303-930 and if the team confirms, there is fiber cut at your zone or node, then you need to simply swap the WAN cable from fiber ONT to wireless POE cable to your router and job done.

Then once the fiber is fixed, our team will inform you and you may swap it again. Easy!

1 Step 1


Wireless backup can only be installed if the location of the customer is feasible and if his apartment network topology supports it. Contact support@jetspot.in to know, if its possible before buying the add-on.


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