You need help, and we are here to provide it! It’s why we’re The Most Helpful Humans in the Internet Service Provider Scene in Bhubaneswar, offering help via Helpdesk, WhatsApp, Calls, Livechat, etc. We offer world class support for our products and services. Like all businesses, we define our support to ensure all customers get the assistance they need at the price they can afford. 

In addition, when time and resources permit, we also offer Beyond Scope Support to do what we reasonably can to help. Beyond Scope Support enables us to evaluate and attempt to solve problems not covered in our Scope of Support. With your permission, we will investigate, consult, and perform services on issues outside of our scope. We want to help, and we will do what we reasonably can to assist.

Where does Beyond Scope Support Start?

Beyond Scope Support starts when you identify an issue, bring it to our team, and it is determined to be outside the scope of our standard support. Reviewing the Scope of Support for your product can help you prepare. Our team will highlight what issues are within or beyond scope during any discussions on services requested. For complex requests, we will provide you with our plan of action for the next step.  Typically, we will communicate this in a ticket and will need your approval before we take any action.

What will it cover?

Not getting good speeds over WiFi ? Not getting speeds in a different room of your house ? Not getting speeds over VPN ? Not able to connect to some 3rd party application or conferencing application ?  These are some examples of what Beyond Scope Support is.

What we want to help you with, but may not be able to.

We would love to help with every aspect of your internet needs. However, it may not be viable with all the possible options or products. For example, our team cannot provide any help about why something works or opens faster on a different service provider and why the difference is in Jetspot.  While we will attempt to help investigate, the actual action of our suggestion is your responsibility. We also cannot promise success though as it may require resources beyond what we provide.

And if you need something done which is outside our support scope, we can connect you to our parents and they can quote you for the service and get it done for you.  We have a Partner Directory of Professionals who may be a perfect match for your needs. Beyond Scope Support efforts are not intended to nor should they be substitutes for other products or services offered by JetSpot.

We will always try to be helpful.

Although we want to resolve your issue, we can’t guarantee success with Beyond Scope scenarios. Beyond Scope Support is not covered under our Service Level Agreements and does not ensure future support for that issue. If we determine we are unable to resolve the issue we will attempt to provide documentation to assist. We will always try to help by referring you in the right direction. Finally, Beyond Scope Support issues may take longer to resolve, as we cannot give this priority above fully managed tasks.

As always, our team is here to help. Please contact us via phone, chat, or ticket at any time.

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