First off, its there, it did not vanish or did not get removed! It just got REBRANDED!

Student Plans have now became “Group Plans“.

When we say, “Group Plans”, it means, a single individual cannot apply for  a Group Plan (s0 called Student Plan). If you want to get any of our Group Plan, you need to find atleast 3 customers or more, in the same building or apartment or society or even your adjacent neighbour is accepted. All, we need is 3 or more customers ready in order to apply for a Group Plan. Every customer is free to choose his own plan. He can choose fro Group Plans, Broadband Plans or even Business Plans.

Its called “Group Plan” because, we will be installing only one device on the roof top and we will connect all the customers from that single device. Each customer pays his own installation amount of 2500 INR and if any extra cable is spent to connect any customer after the free 30 meters, then it will be charged extra.

So, thats all, easy and straight!

Existing Student Plan customers are completely safe!

And the reason, why we had to take this step is due to the costs involved in connecting a customer, serving him and making sure, he is always connected the best way possible. So, the shortest and easiest path to achieve it was giving birth to Group Plans, so one device = multiple users and job done! We saved some money and you got your delivery!

Shandaar, Zabardast, Zindabad!

P.S : JetSpot device is capable of handling 150Mbps, with one device, we can connect even 150 houses, if all 150 houses are on a 1Mbps Student Plan. So, dont get confused about the “one device = multiple users scenario.”

Read more about Group Plans here,

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