JetSpot Restoration Updates after Cyclone Fani.

Message from the CEO

Cyclone Fani recently hit Odisha, with Bhubaneswar/Puri experiencing the worst of its impact. It has caused extensive damage to the whole network infrastructure of JetSpot for both wireless and fiber customers, taking down almost 70% of customers connectivity. Our teams are working 24×7 to get the major wireless and fiber nodes up first and then they would be attending the customers. Due to the intensity of damage, its not possible to attend to each customer over night, so its going to take a lot of time to restore everyone and bring them back online. I would request each and every Jetspot customer to be patient with the whole restoration process and wait for our team to get them connected asap.

Yours sincerely,


CEO & Founder

Estimated Date of Restoration of Services

Unfortunately, we donot have any ETR, because the date and time is unknown, due to the intensity of damage it has caused.
We have lost multiple towers which were keeping 1000s of homes/businesses online. Until the new towers are installed, all those customers cannot be connected.
And we have again lost a lot of fiber infrastructure, which has all been damaged by the trees and poles, so all this needs re-laying all again for the nodes.
So, basically all of this process is going to take a lot of time. But everyday a lot of customers are getting connected as their areas are getting restored, so all the areas will be attended one by one.

Restoration Workflow

We are working to connect our main nodes and POPs first. Once those are done, we will move to the small nodes and then we will start attending the individual customers. Again, there is no ETR to this, as right now we have successfully got few nodes online already and still many nodes are pending.

Our Priority List

Leased Line Customers
Business Plan Customers
Big Apartment Customers
Small Apartment Customers
Individual Building Customers

Grace Period

Natural Calamity/disaster is not under any kind of SLA or support scope or fix scope, and both service provider and customer has to suffer. But to help/support our existing customer for being patient with the whole restoration process, which is going to take a lot of time, we have decided to add some grace period for the customers. To get this grace period of 10 DAYS credited to your account – fill the below form. Once you fill the form online, we will process the credit to your JetSpot account.

1 Step 1
Mobile Number
JetSpot Customer ID
NOTE - The email address, contact number and full name should match our customers database before we process this request. Form submission with wrong/mismatching details won't be processed.

NOTE – Customers rental paid is safe, and we will credit the total number of downtime days from the date of cyclone till your restoration date directly to your account.

who are eligible for grace period

Only customers who had an existing plan which had more than 9 days available in his active subscription by May 3 2019 is eligible for this grace period.
Also, any customer who has a long term recharge active subscription, they would be able to get this extra 10 days credited.

who are not eligible for grace period

And customers who have paid on or after 3rd May – and still not connected, your subscription will start from the day when you get connected.
You are not eligible for any extra credit as you did not had any active subscription on or before 3rd May 2019.
And customers who have been online since 10th May also are not eligible for this extra FREE days.

Restoration Charges

WIRELESS – If your device has been broken/stolen/blown away/corrupt/wet – you will need to buy a new device from JetSpot for ₹4130.
Also if your erected pipe or structure is broken, kindly get it arranged within your own scope, as Jetspot team wont be able to get it done for you. Once you have them ready, you may email us and we will schedule the visit for your re installation.

FIBER –If the last mile fiber is cut, it will be fixed by JetSpot team for free. There are no charges for this scenario. If the last mile fiber which connects from the nearest outdoor pole going into your house is damaged by any tree or pole and cannot be re-used, you will need to pay for this new cable and laying all again. Consult our team for the quote – who will measure the fiber required and its charged as 10 INR per meter. Hopefully, its safe and not damaged 🙂

Franchise Restoration Plans

If you are a customer of JetSpot via Jetspot franchise, you will need to contact the franchise office directly asking about your internet status.

How to know if my area is fixed ?

Please note, we are way too busy to inform/call each and every customer about their service uptime. All of our teams are busy with the restoration process only.
So, customers are requested to check the internet at their own end every day and find out if they are online or not.

If you see any update about your area, feel free to contact us on the below channels and we would be happy to check it for you.

6370-303-930 (WhatsApp)
8690-330-330 (Helpline) (Helpdesk)

Or fill this form and we will get back to you.

1 Step 1
NOTE FOR WIRELESS - Priority Visit Fix Add-on is 500 INR +GST. If the device is missing or broken or corrupt, then 5000 INR for the new device. And if the pipe is bent or broken, kindly arrange the pipe first and then fill the form, we will schedule thereafter.
NOTE FOR FIBER - Priority Visit Fix Add-on is 1500 INR +GST. If the last mile fiber is cut, it will be fixed for FREE. If the last mile fiber is damaged or missing, it will be charged 10 per meter.
ROUTER SUPPORT - Since JetSpot Support is only till the LAN connected cable and anything over WiFi is not under our support scope, if you need us to check anything about your router or reconfigure it, you will need to choose the router visit addon.

My electricity is back, but internet isnt working ?

Its because, electricity dept is CESU and your internet comes from JetSpot. There is no relation between electricity dept and ISP. Your internet will start working, when we attend your nearest node.

Status of New Installation or Pending Installations ?

Right now, the teams are all busy with the core restoration work, so everything is going to get delayed for new installation or old pending installations as well.
Teams will not be free to respond any calls, so you may check back with us after 15-25 days at and we can then tell, if we can schedule the installations for new or old pending. But right now, the priority is connecting back the existing customers and existing infrastructure restoration.
NOTE – Your money is safe with Jetspot, if you paid for a new connection or booked for it.
Thank you for your patience and co-operation.

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