JetSpot Fiber FLEXI Installation is here!

JetSpot introduces FLEXI Installation Mode. Its applicable for installations from April 1, 2019 only.
When we talk about FLEXI, it means, you dont have to pay any upfront installation hefty amount anymore for Nitro Fiber. And this is only available right now for selected apartments and societies. If you would like to know, if you can avail this FLEXI mode or not, call 8690-330-330 or email

If you would like to understand the detailed difference between regular installation and flexi installation, read the comparison here.

Major Advantages of FLEXI Mode –

A device called ONU/ONT is used for JetSpot FTTH. You get lifetime warranty on that device. If ever it gets faulty, we will replace it for FREE.
While for Regular Installation, the device only comes with 1 year warranty and after that, if the device gets damaged or corrupt, you will need to buy it again for the complete price of the device.

You absolutely dont need to pay any hefty installation bills for your account activation. Its completely free.

The flexi charges are directly added to your plan rental every month and its so less, you dont feel the pain. Its ₹200+GST per month only and its automatically gets charged to your plan rental. So you keep on paying this monthly rental of the device every month until you get disconnected. And when you disconnect, we will take back the device.

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