We have been getting a lot of emails about Netflix not working for many users randomly over the jetspot network. The reason here is, Netflix blocks a lot of IPv4 address if they find any kind of flagging, spamming, proxy or vpn usage. Since broadband users are on dynamic IP, the IP keeps on hopping and changing user to user and it gets flagged by netflix anti spam filter. So, basically for some rogue customer, one or more will face this flagging.
The only solution to this situation is to either own a static IP (its expensive) for your account or run over IPv6.

So to help, we have recently launched IPv6 over our fiber network, and recommend each and every customer to buy a good wireless router which is IPv6 compatible.
Here are few of our recommendations –

TP-Link Archer C20 AC750 Wireless Dual Band Router – https://amzn.to/2Nf7tKn
TP-Link Archer C50 AC1200 Dual Band Wireless – https://amzn.to/346gHiQ
TP-Link Archer C60 AC1350 Wireless Dual Band Router – https://amzn.to/2olIw7z

NOTE – If your router already supports IPv6, then you donot need to buy a new one. You may check your router model on the internet if it supports IPv6 or not.
And if you need us to configure the router for you, you may use our paid visit addon or you may simply configure your router yourself.
If you need the addon, fill the form below.

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ROUTER SUPPORT - Since JetSpot Support is only till the LAN connected cable and anything over WiFi is not under our support scope, if you need us to check anything about your router or reconfigure it, you will need to choose the paid visit addon. Pay using the below button and we will contact you soon.
Make sure to fill the form and click on send after the payment only.

NOTE – JetSpot has no role here and Jetspot doesnt own Netflix, so JetSpot wont be able to contact Netflix for you for any kind of whitelisting or whatever. The customer has to contact Netflix about it only. JetSpot support ends at internet connectivity and netflix isnt owned by us or we are not entitled to support/help anything about a service, which is not owned by us.
If you ask us, why it works on mobile network and not on Jetspot, its because mobile networks mostly run on IPv6 and thus we recommend each of our customer to be on IPv6 compatible router at home for JetSpot.

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