When we log onto the Internet, we take a lot for granted. We assume we will be able to browse any website we want, whenever we want, as many times as we want, at the fastest speed, whether it’s a corporate or a mom-and-pop site. We assume that we can use any service we like – watching online videos, listening to songs or podcasts, sending instant messages – anytime we choose. What makes all these assumptions possible is Net Neutrality.

This means Net Neutrality is about:

  • All sites must be equally accessible
  • No telecom-style licensing of Internet companies
  • No speeding up of specific websites
  • No “zero rating” or making some sites free over others.

Why there are Sudden Buzz and debates about Net Neutrality in India?

  • Telecom companies have lobbied to TRAI and are trying to bring regulations into the usage of Internet, putting at stake our freedom to choose & privacy.
  • If this happens in India, our ISPs will decide which website or app we will be given access to and how much we’ll have to pay for accessing each website/app.
  • If you are an app publisher or a website owner, you’ll have to pay to each ISP to make your app/website visible to the people on their network. For Ex: In an Airtel network, Airtel may ‘charge’ us to use WhatsApp while Hike Messenger will be free to use since Hike is an Airtel product.

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