Here at JetSpot, we consider our customers and their feedback as our top priority. Their insight drives innovation and their ideas fuel our creations. The trust and loyalty we’ve forged with our customers didn’t happen overnight, it took time and months of implementing three elements of strong customer support: proven expertise, thoughtful responsiveness, and quicker response. And to make this happen, we have four levels of support, which we follow. 

  1. JETSPOT HELP LINE : When you are not able to connect to the internet, you may call the helpline anytime and they would be available to check your account and assist. The help line is 8690-330-330 or 6370-303-930 (WhatsApp). In case the help line doesnt respond, you may try those numbers as well 7538009901, 7538009902, 7538009903, 7538009904,  7538009906, 7538009907, 7538009909, 7538009910, 7735009913, 7538009908, 9861509903, 9861809903, 7735709914.
  2. JETHELP SUPPORT HELPDESK : Whenever you have any technical queries or technical issues like slow speed or anything , submit a ticket with us. You may simply send an email to and the ticket gets auto added to the helpdesk. You will get email with the ticket ID as soon as you create a ticket with us. Once the support executives reply, you will get instant email notifications and you may simply reply to the same email, so the helpdesk automatically updates your ticket thread. Its the best possible support from JetSpot. Or fill this form online to add your ticket automatically. We respond and try to close all the tickets within 24 hours. For leased line customers, its normally within 4 hours.
  3. ON SITE SUPPORT : JetSpot Onsite Support works only from 10am till 7pm. And the on-site support depends on Support Levels as per the customer’s plan type. And if you are looking for priority on-site support, you may read this.
  4. NODAL SUPPORT : If all the above support fails or your ticket is unresolved for more than 96 hours or you have a grievance to make, you may email the boss directly at



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