So, the JetSpot Whatsapp Support Number is live and Im going to explain how it needs to be used and what to be avoided. We take users feedback very seriously here at JetSpot and we have had a lot of feedback, that the helpline number is not responding. But the helpline number tells clearly in the end IVRS to send an email to if the call was not responded. Still many customers fail to email and there is no way for the ISP to know who is down with no internet or whatsoever, unless we get the ticket or complaint ID generated.
And sometimes, there are very small queries, which would be too long for the email helpdesk process to email, assign, fix, so this is where this WhatsApp number will come to action.
Lets say, you are disconnected, or disabled or want to new connection, then you may simply ping on this above WhatsApp number. There will be a human behind the number, but he will only available to respond during the business hours of 10am to 7pm.
You may also try calling to this number directly if the main helpline 8690-330-330 doesnt respond. But if this number is also not responded, you will need to leave a message on WhatsApp or just send an email to
Go ahead and save the number!

JetSpot WhatsApp 6370-303-930

You may WhatsApp, if you do not have an internet connection, or your account is disconnected or you have some question or you are looking for a new connection etc. If the support person responds to email to, you will need to do that. The support person will only respond what he knows about or what he has access to. Anything beyond his support scope, he will direct you to only.

Customers should not WhatsApp about slow speed or router issues or wifi issues or ping issues or latency issues. It will not be responded, as slow speed mostly is due to broadband congestion, and its out of ISP support. Only if a customer is facing regular slow speeds for over 48 overs, he may email to and our tech team will check.
Router or wifi issues are again out of ISP support. Ping and latency to any server in the world is out of residential broadband support. Leased Line customers may get in touch with their account manager for standard latency SLA agreement

I hope you have a clear understanding of how JetSpot Support works. If no, please read this three blogs before you proceed –

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